Fury Warrior Power Auras

So I just redid a whole bunch of addons for my newly specc'd PvE fury Warrior. Included in this was Power Auras.
So far, I have auras for the following:
-Bloodthirst CD
-Whirlwind CD
-Recklessness CD
-Death Wish CD
-Insta-slam proc
-No enrage effects active (So I know to pop them for Raging Blow)

Is there anything else that seems like a good idea?
Incite procs
battle trance procs
Meat Cleaver stacks and duration is one I've been toying with adding. I'd also add in one for Executioner (stacks and duration), since you'll likely just want to use Execute to keep a 5 stack up and go back to your normal rotation.
I currently have slam/RG procs, as well as sunder and executioner stacks. Meat cleaver sounds good, i'll be adding that.
Thanks so much guys. =) Just added those 4 in. What do you guys think about hotkeys? Take it from a girl with an awkward, flat laptop keyboard who doesn't want carpal tunnel. Keep in mind I move with my mouse.
My power auras are
-battle trance proc
- Rend duration
- colossus smash duration
- sunder armor stacks + duration
- incite proc
- executioner + duration
- enrage proc
- victorious proc
- deadly calm + duration
- piercing howl + duration
-Whether or not I have a fishing lure on
Unholy Frenzy.
coould someone post the codes with a screenshot - trying to get ideas for mysetup - thank you!
It's better to use something like TellMeWhen if you really must track cooldowns like BT.

Power auras imo is better for tracking procs/buffs/debuffs etc.

Personally I have the following on power auras:

Lack of an enrage effect (enrage/deathwish) - with a sound alert (sonar sound) - listen/watch for this to use berserker rage.

Battle trance with sound alert (meow) - listen/watch to use heroic strike or w/e as appropriate.

4 auras to track the usage of Fury of angerforge (this was a total pain, copied the strings from mmo champion)

The new textures with power auras (the new blizz power aura textures basically) are REALLY easy to see. I use those. Really helps on fights where you want sound disabled.

I used to use power auras to track sunders but now that's unnecessary.

hotkeys - kinda hard to say since it really depends on what mouse you have. If you have a g500/g5/g7/g9x; i would bind stuff to q,e,z,x,c,`,1,2,3,caps,windows key,r,f1,f2,f3,all mouse buttons, and then some of the above with shift+/alt+/ctrl+. Bloodthirst/raging blow/slam/smash/heroic strike all on easy to reach buttons.

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