So, what do you do for a living?

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Without getting to detailed, give us an idea of what you do when you are not "WoW-ing it up".

Myself, I work as a table games supervisor in a casino.
I'm an underwriter for an insurance company.

Hence my name.
I pretend to be everyone's mother as an overnight sales associate at my local Walmart Supercentre.
I live for a living.

Not sure what you other people are thinking/doing.
Freelance artist and jewelry designer. ain't so good.
Going to school full time, majoring in animation

work at grocery store 20 hours a week, living off of that an financial aid

I drive a boat.
Housewife <3
My husband is jealous of my extra WoW time.
What do you mean?, "when not WoW-ing it up"......Are you saying there is another world out there? lol
Network Engineer, generally thrilling
I used to be a claim representative for auto accidents with a major insurance company... did that for over 10 years, until I had my 4th child. Then I quit to be a stay at home mom. :)

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