WoW holiday events blow. FFXIV got it right.


Friend is playing FFXIV because he is a masochist. For Christmas the event involved ringing a decorated bell in a major city and receiving gifts. For New years the event involved ringing a differently decorated bell in a major city and receiving gifts. And now for Valentines day the event involves ringing another bell in a major city and receiving gifts.

The best part is the devs felt they should clarify their stance on the matter.

"Each year, there are those who feel inclined to bring attention to the fact that these bells closely resemble those used during other festivals, such as the recent starlight celebration. It is unfortunate that these people must concentrate on the negative when the true meaning behind Valentione's Day is about expressing gratitude to a fellow friend or companion—something that should not require unnecessary displays of extravagance."

So this year while you clamor for your achievements be sure to express gratitude to a fellow friend or companion and...

Sorry I can't keep a straight face.
Sounds like they are getting alot of gifts...
I wish we got to ride decorated bells in WOW. We never get to, but they get to EVERY HOLIDAY! time to cancel wow account and play this game.
i remember being one of the first on the server to craft lvl 22 trade weapons and some good armor. so much time wasted.
I remember running next to a friend through their groundbreaking original SEAMLESS WORLDS and seeing him disappear for about 10 seconds as we switched servers/zones. I declared the game dead about 1 hour in.

The best part is how hard they attempted to enforce the NDA to keep this horrible game a surprise until it was too late for so many people.

Long Live Pooky.

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