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Creative Development wants to know what you want to know! Again!

The first "Ask CDev" was a resounding success, with well over 1000 unique questions across all the different regions. While we still have a few answers to post from the first round of questions, with Cataclysm's release we'd like to give people a chance to ask any questions the new expansion has generated! Once we have answers to the new questions, we'll post them alongside the answers to the unseen old answers as well.

As before, there are no restrictions on the subject of your question(s), but we request that you only ask one question per post. We'd also like to make use of the new forum technology by way of the rating system; when we tally all the questions, "Highly Rated" posts will be more likely to receive answers. As a result, it's better to click the "Like" button on a post with a question similar to your own rather than make a duplicate post!

[UPDATE] Due to the overwhelming interest we're asking that no further questions be asked. Please instead take this time to vote on questions you like (or down vote those you don't) as we'll be using the voting system to influence which questions we choose to answer.

I must know why the High Elves didn't put up Magic concealing runestones around Dalaran when humans abused magic, were they made out of some incredibly rare material?


I simply must thank Blizz for putting up the second ASK CDEV thread, I'd begun to lose hope, but you show that you truly do care about our incessant story and lore pestering!
Why do Alliance soldiers raised by the Forsaken immediately become loyal to the Forsaken if they have free will?
Many Old World zones revamped for Cataclysm seem to have cliffhanger endings. Are there any plans to update their storylines during the Cataclysm expansion?
There has been lots of controversy surrounding the state of the Argent Crusade's relationship with the Horde considering recent Forsaken actions, which are perceived by many to be similar to the Scourges. Can CDev shed any light on this relationship?
Will there be any more new guild features in the near future like new guild helooms, Bind to guild tier epics, guild recipes, new guild perks, guild mounts and guild achievement rewards?
Will the Park be rebuilt!? And if it is, will it be turned into a newer and better Gilnean District!?

I dont like the lame tree in an even lamer tree.
Could we get a better explanation of why there must always be a lich king? It never made sense to me.
While I personally haven't played the Worgen storyline, a close friend of mine has and he said this question was never touched upon:

Do the new Worgen pass the curse down to their children (with or without control over it) or are the Worgen essentially doomed to die off after one generation? Are there any factors or considerations to it being passed down, if it does (like 50/50 chance, or something)?

I apologize if my friend missed something fundamental that covers this.

Thank you!
Why do Orc soldiers guard Undercity and not the Forsaken?
What is a list of the most likely stuff to be added in 4.1? I know nothing is certain, but a list of the most likely would be most appreciated.
Only one question allowed per post, so I won't ask here an estimated date for 4.1
Are there any plans for Stromgarde in the near future? Such as a patch or something.
01/25/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Måndark
Why do Orc soldiers guard Undercity and not the Forsaken?

I think I remember it being something about the rest of the Horde not trusting the Forsaken after the incident at Angrathar, so they posted Kor'kron guards in Undercity to keep an eye on everything.
When are we going to see some updated Blood Elf and Draenei lore? I'd love to be able to fly around Quel'thalas (in particular Silvermoon City), and get some lore questions answered (for example: what are Blood Knights now and what do Blood Elf priests do?) by the end of Cataclysm. What's going on with the Outland lore? Please don't make us the new Trolls and Gnomes.

(P.S. I'd also like to thank you guys for the endless amounts of pure entertainment, fun and inspiration you've given me and millions of others over the years. You're better than cocaine. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.)
In Cataclysm, we have seen brand new Alliance bases using the old architecture. And in both Wrath and Cataclysm, we have seen many Alliance bases that arn't finished such as Highbank and Valgarde. For both statements i simply ask....Why?

Was the architecture in Quel'thalas always red in coloration? For example: The ruined half of Silvermoon City is what remains of the battle with the Scourge. Now, the Scourge war happened before the High Elves joined the Horde and before the "Blood Elf" name and culture even existed. Shouldn't the ruined elven building's in-game and in-lore (referring to the colored pages of the Sunwell Trilogy in particular) be blue and not red then?

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