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1-In WOTLK, we, Death Knights, served the Ebon Blade. Now, in Cataclysm, we serve the Alliance (like Thassarian) or the Horde (like Koltira). And what happened to Highlord Darion Mograine? He is a human, but he is still part of the Knights of the Ebon Blade?
I know the last picture in the archaeology book is a big secret so all I want to know is if it is possible to uncover its mystery in this patch or next. As much fun as arch is (seriously no sarcasm I love the way to discover bits of story) I really don't want to waste time necessarily trying to find out that last little thing if I can't yet.
Why is Tirisfal Glades so bleak environment-wise? Was it something the Scourge did? Or, has Tirisfal always looked like that?
when it comes to lore i do know how important it is, but when your Role Playing to me lore is a template of what your able to accomplish. My question is how strict is the lore while RPing? i just want to RP something great that is possible in the world but it hasnt been done in lore yet (doesnt mean it couldnt be) how strict is Lore when it comes to RolePlaying?
01/25/2011 10:30 AMPosted by Gingercake
Why do Orc soldiers guard Undercity and not the Forsaken?

I think I remember it being something about the rest of the Horde not trusting the Forsaken after the incident at Angrathar, so they posted Kor'kron guards in Undercity to keep an eye on everything.

Yea that was done after the Wrathgate chain. Thrall and Sylvanas got rid of aboms and sent in the Kor'kron to keep the peace and stop the Royal Apothecaries experiments.

Why are you so awesome? I must know the secret to your power.
They do not, Just "player character's" do? Look around you in every enemy faction you'll almost always find all sorts of races. Lore wise there are many "forsaken" who don't have an alliance to Sylvanas. What your implying is a players ability to go rogue. : )
With the way the way the Draeni and the Night Elves seemed to have allied, why wouldn't the Draeni have taught shamanism to the Night Elves and the Night Elves taught Druidism to the Draeni?
I have to know what the thought process behind Tol Barad was, and how it made it through testing at all. The current incarnation is a zergfest that feels nothing like a battle to control a fortified position at all. Wintergrasp actually felt like a seige, Lol Barad does not. Your thoughts?
Why were there no Blood Elves at the Wrath Gate event or during the assault on the Undercity? In regards to the Battle for the Undercity, you'd think the Blood Elves, being the Forsaken's most loyal (not to mention geologically closest) ally, would of been there to lend some form of aid. Perhaps this is a clue left to show us that Sylvanas really was behind it all along? We know she still has a soft spot for who she vowed to protect in life.
will there be any new battlegrounds in cataclysm patches?
Does blizzard plan in ever making specific weapons types for classes ? Like a "Great Weapon" for warriors or a "Scythe" for warlocks (idea came from that awsome staff from the old days you got in the warlock level 50 quest). Just like the armor sets these 'class weapons' could provied benefits for spells/skills.

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