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How and when did Crowley get the Scythe of Elune? Related to this question, how/why is he so certain that Sylvanas wants to use the Scythe to create a plague of Worgen?
I keep seeing questions about Calia Menethil. People would be better served by simply "liking" the first one on the topic that was presented... but that would require reading a 21 page (so far) thread.
Why do horde members get the option to ride venomhide ravasaurs? There are five different kinds of ravasaur including the rare matriarchs, four of them are not venomous, why not ride one of them?
Why are there Zanadalar Trolls in Stranglethron Vale allied to the Horde in places such as Bambala and Hardwrench Hideaway?
Previously, you assured us that Uldum and the Tol'vir would solve any issues concerning Obsidian Destroyers from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, but there are several unanswered points.

Are you just retconning that the Scourge ever had them entirely? The actual Tol'vir can't fly (even the few stone ones who have wings). They show no attraction/ability to destroy/interaction with mana like Obsidian Destroyers. There is no reason why the ones in Ahn'Qiraj were still stones when they were loyal to an Old God (whose brothers made the Curse of Flesh). There is just so much left empty in regards to their origins and later activity.
Is there a connection between the Gronn and the ancient giants (grom) of Draenor?
The Dragonmaw clan in Twilight Highlands is the same Dragonmaw clan that, during the second war, enslaved Alexstrasza and used her in nsfw ways to get a source of infinite flying mounts. Their architecture reflects their dismissive view of all dragons; the windmill made of dragon wings springs to mind.

So why is it that the Twilight Highlands branch of the Red Dragonflight, who already is less excited about teaming up with humans than their Northrend pals, don't get to burninating them?
How intelligent are the non-goblin enhanced raptors? They build huts, steal silver, draw pictograms, and wear decorative feathers.
What is the origin of the orcs? Did they evolve from Ogres? Was the curse of flesh involved?
What happened to Calia Menethil? There have been oblique references to her as being "gone" in the novels, but this is a potential heir to the realm of Lordaeron. What if she wants her kingdom back? What if she was scourged and then woke up when Arthas fell and now has her eye on Sylvanas? Ya ought not lose track of an individual like this.
In tides of darkness the Stormwind humans had to cross an ocean to get to Lorderan but they are on the same continent in WoW
Who is Edward the Odd? We see his used gear all over the place but we have no history about who this peculiar paladin is.
Will we ever see Bolvar again? It seems kind of like a pointless plot device to have there always have to be a Lich king if we will never see that again.
Was Lor'themar Theron's eye scar healed at some point between the Sunwell Triology and The Burning Crusade?
Why were only Vol'Jin and Eitrigg Invited to the Pre-Cata Meetings for the Horde to Witness Thrall passing on the title of Warchief to Garrosh? were the other Horde races consulted on this, or was it purely an Orc decision?

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