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01/25/2011 10:58 AMPosted by Tiakatt
Forgive me, but: Where can we find the already revealed answers to the first round?

Google is your friend :)
With the release of Cataclysm, we saw a small amount of new mounts added to the game. Very restricted in the type of mounts. Stone Drakes, Storm Drakes, and Camels. Are there any plans for additional mounts? Same goes for pets. Both need a new achievement with a new type of mount.

Also, what is the intentional mounts after the tier 11 content to continue for achievements and the arena reward mount intended to be?
Where is Hemet Nesingwary in this expansion? I was disappointed by the fact that he wasn't around telling me to slaughter the entire giant lobster population of Vashj'ir or something.
Do NOT view this as a complaint as I love the lore in WoW, but so far there has not been alot of 'new' stuff come through, particularly in terms of the expansions and their main antagonists and locations. (Illidan, Kil'Jaeden, Arthas, Deathwing, Outland, Northrend) These main plot lines are basically continuations of older WC plots that we are seeing the "end" of (in theory).

Cata brought some new ideas into the fold and I quite liked it and I love the Old God plotlines (and the entire AQ event and lore fyi - maybe i'm a minority there) as they have been basically undefined prior to WoW, but I'm afraid that the next expansions will keep moving onto the "next biggest Warcraft villan we already know"

So in future expansions will there be any effort to devlop "new" lore rather than continuations of existing plots? ie- a totally new unseen villain or location we've never come across, but may have been woven into the WoW lore as of late?
Where along the line did the Blood Elves lose their ability to shapeshift or druidism? And is it possible for them to become druids again?
Orc mage question: Why did the Orcs learn about magic from the Forsaken and not the Blood Elves? They are by far the greatest Arcane users the Horde has, hell, one could argue they are the best magic users in the game. This definitely would have drawn the two races closer together. The Blood Elves don't seem to have any relevance to the greater Horde at all. Why would Garrosh even entertain the thought of keeping them safe, when they aren't even sharing their greatest export: knowledge of the Arcane?
Where did the stone and storm drakes come from?
What are the ettin?
How do the Forsaken create their warships? They don't have any in-game harbor for construction. Are they made under water from different wreckages and risen up through magical means (that would be awesome!)? I mean, the bastards don't breath, eat or sleep. It's plausible XD.
There seems to be lots of tensions within the Alliance and the Horde--the other Horde leaders, in particular, don't seem to really care for Garrosh's leadership. Varian and Garrosh both seem more focused on their race's interests, rather then faction interests. Is it possible that the future some of the other leaders trying to vie for control of their respective factions?
In the story Ashbringer , after the initial battle, which looks to be near Blackrock Mountain, it then shows us the home of Alexandros Mograine and a tombstone with his wife's name Elena Mograine on it. Where exactly is this home in Azeroth? It says basically 2 miles away from capital city and in Brill in the story but does not specify exact location . And also the question leads up to why none of this appears in the game since it is lore ? I have looked all over and there is nothing that resembles Alexandro's home or even a shattered tombstone by Renault's doing. If it has not been added to the game can we please have it put in the game?
Are there any plans to allow players to enter the Emerald Dream, possibly in a future expansion, and help stop The Nightmare? There is a lot of wildlife there we haven't seen yet on Azeroth. Also, we don't have green drake mounts yet and this would make a great opportunity to introduce them.
Why is Forest Song unchanged since Cata? I was really looking forward to a new Draenei town.
If the kvaldir are just normal vrykul in costumes, why do they dissolve when they die?

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