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In Silvermoon city lore can a Warlock be a Magister? i have looked for any npc's but have yet to find one this would help solve a large dispute in my RP server.
When are you going to bring back Illidan?

Arthas got major in game storytelling and closure. I think Illidan deserves that same favor.
Does the CDev team read the books that they guide the authors to produce? We know the Draenei retcon, got it. We had the red shirt guy with the Wildhammers... ok.

But what about Sinestra at the end of Night of the Dragon? What about Nefarion and Onyxia? The only reason that necromancy exists was because of the demons and burning legion. It was first tested during War of the Ancients and encountered by Rhonin, and later the initial "Lich King" (prior to being fused with Arthas) was given the power from Kil'jaeden who he then shared with Kel'Thuzad.

So what exactly happened there? Did the cult of the damned decide that they needed another loser cult to follow when we killed the Lich King and so they joined the Twilight Cult and hence were able to resurrect those two dragons? How can they do that without some sort of demonic backing from the LK or KJ?

Could Blizzard write a storyline / questline that leads to Blackwing Depths so that we can understand what happened here?
Edited original post instead.
Does the Stormwind arm of the Order of the Silver Hand still exist? Or was the entire Order of the Silver Hand absorbed in the formation of the Argent Crusade, leaving us with nothing but the Brotherhood of the Light and the Argent Crusade as the primary paladin lead organisations on Azeroth?
Since TFT, I have always assumed that Lady Vashj's first name was Vashj, and that she did not have/need a family name. With the statue of Lestharia Vashj, it is now known that "Vashj" is a family name. Does Vashj have a first name, and if so, why has no one ever used it? ...unless it is "Lady".
Kael'thas has been dead for a while now and Lor'themar is still Regent Lord of the blood elves. Will there be any attempt to re-establish a monarchy or will Lor'themar continue to be simply a regent?
Is the excessive use of pop culture references really necessary? I'm almost getting the feeling you guys aren't really trying after seeing the quest titled "Call of Duty", or the goblin yelling "Smoker!" during the zombie part on the Lost Isles.
Are Blood/High Elf Death Knights' still affected by their racial addiction to magic? Or do they lose their addiction upon reanimation?

(On a side note: I am yet to see one David Bowie reference in any of the new Goblin lore. This needs to be fixed.)
Will there ever be a third faction in the Warcraft games?

Do the Dragonmaw orcs in the Twilight Highlands still enslave any dragons (or dragonkin) other than those of the Black flight? If not, how long ago did they stop using red dragons, and why did they stop?

Read Day of the Dragon. They were enslaving them using the Demon Soul that was stolen by Rhonin and destroyed. Later reconstructed during Night of the Dragon and destroyed once again.
01/25/2011 11:30 AMPosted by Kharnn
Will there ever be a third faction in the Warcraft games?

There were four in Warcraft III.
My question is about the overall storyline:

As it stands now, Azeroth is in a state of "Elemental Upheaval" so to speak. That means that there are angry elementals in many zones that never had elemental activity in them during the 1.0 days. Is this the new "default" state of the world, or is this only a short term situation while the cataclysm is the focus of the main storyline.
Will we ever see a reclaimed Gilneas? I'm talking about the Worgen moving back to their homeland and out of a big tree. If not, I can settle for a rebuilt Park quarter in Stormwind City. It would be nice to have a new Worgen/Night Elf themed area in Stormwind City.
01/25/2011 11:16 AMPosted by Blacklily
Are there any plans to allow players to enter the Emerald Dream, possibly in a future expansion, and help stop The Nightmare? There is a lot of wildlife there we haven't seen yet on Azeroth. Also, we don't have green drake mounts yet and this would make a great opportunity to introduce them.

This was mostly wrapped up in the novel Stormrage. Malfurian destroyed the cause of the nightmare. This is why we see Malfurian and Ysera at Mt. Hyjal today. I could see a cool Cavern's of Time raid that goes back and allows you to participate.

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