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In the Death Knight quest lines, Arthas uses the term ‘immortal’ to describe the player; does this literally mean that they cannot die? Could they be killed over and over?
Christie Golden's book says that the draenei had been on Draenor about 300 years, but D'ore in Auchindoun says it's been resting there for "nearly a thousand" - can you clarify this point?
Can we get some clarification on the maximum ages of the races? (Elves and Orcs in particular.)
If an ancient falls in Ashenvale, and nobody is around, does it drop loot?
I'm a draenei enthusiast, so my apologies for the single-mindedness of the questions. One last one, what purpose do those face tendrils serve, and are they able to be moved voluntarily? I've seen a frightening amount of debate on such a seemingly small concept.
How were Ogres viewed by Orcs in the Second War? clearly they weren't seen as incapable and of low intelligence with 2 Orc Clans possesing Ogre Cheiftens (Laughing Skull Clan had Mogor, and Twilight's Hammer Clan Had Cho'Gall), Ner'zhul kept Dentarg as a trusted servent, as well as the Mok'Nathal Clan of Half-Ogres.
Does the worgen curse affect males and females really differently? Like why do the males get glowing eyes and the females do not?
My question relates to the literal factions mechanics within the game and their future.
WoW supports some elements of role play, but reputation is restricted, this is why I've always prided myself on slaughtering those evil soulless booty bay goblins in the name of the Bloodsail Buccaneers!

My question is, are there any plans in the future to bring in more factions that force the player into a controversial role play? For example I've always envisioned the idea of having a zone of 2 main factions, and after choseing one, you would become hostile with every other player who chose the opposite, even players of your own faction! This creates drama and controversy between the two factions, literally, as players, and indeed friends are now the enemy!

And in regards to your note attached to the achievement, no I will not go outside for some fresh air.
Culturally, what are each race’s views towards homosexuality and gender roles?
Are there any plans in making the Rockpool murloc area in the blasted lands a phased area where we can see the story continue and maybe those baby murlocs you save come back to help take it back?
Can you give us more background on Arator the Redeemer, or tell us what he's been up to lately?
Is it possible for Blood Elves to still siphon Fel magic and is it now a racial taboo?
We arnt going to see the Dragon Maw Clan become a "melting pot" of races like we see the frostwolf clan being represented by tauren during the Alterac Valley PvP weekends, are we? cuz we shouldn't.
01/26/2011 2:00 PMPosted by Gwyndion
Culturally, what are each race’s views towards homosexuality and gender roles?

Apparently the humans had a "don't ask, don't tell" policy as recently as 6 years ago (if I'm understanding the timeline right... just ask the warcraft 3 footmen).

Cycle of Hatred includes some insight into gender roles.
The murlocs worship Neptulon, the Naga are attacking Neptulon...
What about the Makrura? Will they ally with the murlocs against the naga?
As with Grom Hellscream, Kilrogg Deadeye had a son as well but Garrosh's storyline is more fleshed out than Kilrogg's son Joran. I'd like to know if he will be the leading the Bleeding Hollow clan and leave Garadar and maybe join Garrosh's Horde. Will there be any more story into Joran Deadeye?
From whom did you first hear about sigils Chris?
Is there a particular reason why Deathwing decided to land on Stormwind?
What are the stories of the four titan watchers in Uldum?
What happened to the Ancients of Wind and the Ancients of Wonder?

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