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Are we going to see continuing stories involving the races of Azeroth and what not all in this expansion. For example, the trolls seems pissed at Garrosh and Vol'jin kinda gave him a death threat, Sylvannas is not being nice either and it seems like she has trouble coming her way for hurting Koltira,and in general other faction resolutions.
Do you have any plans for Trag Highmountain or any of the other Warcraft Legends characters?
What can you tell us about Helgus the Vrykul Bard and his works, the Saga of the Twins, Winter Curse, and Val'kyr?
Why is it that Worgen can't be Paladins? As seen by the actions of the then-excommunicated Tirion Fordring's in the WarCraft novella Of Blood and Honor by Chris Metzen, the ability to wield the Light is based on faith, on the belief that what you are doing is truly right: "The Light could not be taken from him, he insisted. Men could strip him of his armor and titles, they could take away his home and his wealth—but the Light would always been within him. It had to be." Furthermore, as stated by Blizzard's Creative Development Team, the Light is able to be wielded regardless if one is alive or dead: Forsaken priests still have this faith because they have "intensely strong willpower to use the Holy Light, [although] it is very painful for them to do so. Holy Light spells can still heal the Forsaken but they must suffer nobly." And finally, as seen in-game, Worgen can choose to be Priests, demonstrating that they are capable of using the Light, so long as they choose to walk the old paths that they had as a human. Is the lack of Worgen Paladins simply due to game-balancing or is it because of something else? Is it because they lack a formal Order - akin to the Knights of the Silver Hand, the Hand of Argus, or the Blood Knights- to be a part or something else entirely?
What's the status of the Drakkari Gods, several interact with players as spirits, though Mam'toth doesn't, does this mean they could be revived at some point? Is Mam'toths death "more permanent" for some reason?
How exactly did the Drakkari down the Kolramas Necropolis?
What're the differences between Troll Gods in idols such as Zim'torga, Troll gods that look like trolls (Bwonsamedi, Zanza) and the "Primal gods" that look like animals?
We know how Thorim was defeated and trapped/corrupted in Ulduar, but how were Hodir, and Mimiron captured? Who defeated Freya?
How was the Necropolis in Borean Tundra crashed?
The Cult of Elune appears to be almost entirely restricted to Kalimdor and "old world races." Is there any reason Elune has not made herself known or extended her worship among the "younger races" of the Eastern Kingdoms?
We saw the Surge Needles and the Nexus as Examples of the Blue Flights 'technology' though it may be more magical in nature, and in the Caverns of Time we see that large Hourglass construct, are these things the Dragonflights built themselves or gifts from the Titans? Do the other flights have similar "technology"?
Is there any sexual dimorphism between male and female Ogres? or have there been female Ogres around us the whole time?
How do Un'goro Crater and Sholazar Basin differ in the Titans eyes, how are the experiments different?
How will the Avatar of Freya react to the Wolvars presence?
What have the Knights of the Ebon Blade been doing since the fall of the Lich King? How will they react to Sylvanas' reprogramming of Koltira?
Some of the vrykul in Stormpeaks are attached to the service of specific watchers, such as Thorim or Loken. But other watchers, such as Hodir use the service of frost giants and Mimiron presumably uses mechagnomes. Does Freya have vrykul of her own? Did these hypothetical vrykul have druidic magic?

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