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How did the Scourge take control of the Black Dragonshrine in the Dragonblight?
How did the Lich King first encounter the Vrykul?
Could you elaborate on the various Tuskarr gods and their stories?
What's the story for Morgan of Morgan's vigil? She'd have to be very old if Human... does she have some high elf in her or is she a black dragon as some suspect?
Will the Horde ever learn of Kargaths involvement with the Shadow Council? If so How will this knowledge affect them?
Why are the Earthen in Deepholm so different from the Earthen in the Storm Peaks in tech level and reaction to Outsiders concerning the Curse of Flesh?
Now that THE lich king is dead and a lich king site on the throne what is fate of nerzhul? did he die with arthas? was his spirit realeased ? or is he now being controlled by bolvar. i would think he died with arthas since they fused but im not sure. What is the official status of Nerzhul dead or alive?
Can we have a seasonal dungeon only available during Childrens Week where Baby Spice is necessary to enter the dungeon (evil toy maker dungeon).....he tosses you into his cellar where it is a maze and challenge thru giant monster toys....akin to like Toy Story gone bad...with wierd toys and receipies etc as rewards...

ie Orc Big wheel....Lil Red Wagon....Inch Worm mounts......dolls head on rope....bubble mix to make bubbles....Sling shot....heheh

(see The Honor Empire Forums WoW Colin Mor's post of Dungeon ideas for goofy fun
The short story "Lord of his Pack" shows that King Archibald Greymane industrialized the Kingdom of Gilneas by the time that Genn Greymane, who is now possibly in his seventies, was seven years old. But apart from the relatively new Dwarven District in Stormwind, we have not seen any signs of human industrialization among the other Seven Kingdoms. Gilneas's architecture and fashion also reveals a remarkably "modern" style in comparison with their peers. Furthermore, Gilneas also equips its soldiers with firearms and regularly uses cannons in non-naval capacities. How was Gilneas able to vastly outpace the the industrial output of its neighboring kingdoms? Were there any reasons that you decided to make Gilneas far more modern than its neighboring kingdoms?
I'd like to know why the lore for the Draenei was changed from what it had been in WCIII. Why are the Elder demons now considered Draenei only demonized? What prompted Blizzard to have that bit of lore changed?
And because the Thrall and Jaina relationship seems to have been... put down... will Thrall and Argaa (I believe that's how her name is spelled) actually get married? And What about Jaina's personal life? Will she meet someone who doesn't either A) go throw a number of events where he becomes the servant of a Demon Hunter who ends up going mad or B) a guy who ends up loosing his soul and committing horrendous acts ... will Jaina ever get a break?
Most rare mobs seem rather mundane, just tougher individuals higher up on the chain of command or bigger animals, but a few, like Loque'hanak, Karoma The Wolf Spirit, and Julak-Doom seem to be "more" are there any stories for these creatures?
How many Ettin have the Forsaken subjugated? What are their plans regarding them? (Parts?)
How were relations between the Seven Kingdoms between the time of the Fall of the Arathor Empire and the First War? What events occurred in this murky time of human history? Were there any significant wars, alliances, or exploration?
How did Nathanos Blightcaller survive his encounter with the Alliance army sent to defeat him?
Why did some Wildhammer settle in the Hinterlands while others stayed in the Twilight Highlands?
Since it is confirmed after you beat Balnazzar in the new version of Stratholme that he just gets banished back to his homeworld when adventurers "kill" him, along with Mal'ganis, and possibly Verimathris and Detheroc, this means that we might see the four of them again. Do Tichondrius the Darkener and Anetheron count as merely banished, or are they truly dead, and if so, how?

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