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Why did the Arathor Bloodline decide to migrate all the way through Khaz Modan and settle the continent of Azeroth?
What were the differences between the Tol'vir settlements in Northrend and Uldum?
Why didn't other titan creations such as the Earthen and Storm Giants, or Dragons aid the Tol'vir against the Nerubians and Qiraji?
After Ragnaros and Al'akir are permanently killed during the Firelands and Throne of the Four Winds raids, will new Elemental Lords be crowned after they die, possibly friendly ones or at least ones that are willing to help mortals against the Old Gods?
What is the purpose of the titan facility at Terramok, under Bael Modan, and Uldaman, if Uldum was for the Tol'vir to live in, and Ulduar was to imprison Yogg-Saron?
After looking at various parts of Lore, I've always wondered a few things. How did the Pantheon originate? How did the Old Gods (C'Thun/Yogg-Saron/etc.) come into contact with the Pantheon? Did the Old Gods also aid in the corruption of Sargeras? Where did the Old Gods originate? When an Old God is killed, do they actually die? Or, like some demons (Kil'Jaeden) do they get banished back to their place of origin? My big question is:

Are the Old Gods and Sargeras working together?
In the previous ask CDev you mentioned that we would see more of Alterac and the other human kingdoms, did this have to be cut for time or do you still plan to show us this in a later patch or something to that effect?
Where will the final battle with Deathwing take place?
Have the Nerubians retaken Azjol'Nerub from the minions of Yogg-saron and Arthas after their deaths?
A bit of Tol'vir Archaeology mentioned facing a Genie, does this mean Uldum has always had a strong connection with Air Elementals?
Why is it only the Neferset have access to the Colossi and other titan relics in Uldum, is it because of their tomb pilfering?
Is there any significance behind Azeroth's second moon?
Why do numerous people insist on asking more than 1 question when the directions specifically say only 1 question per post?

Can't they read?

wait......curses >.>
Are gnome priests light-believers or just technologically advanced medics?

Do they believe in the Holy Light as a religion or more like willpower?

When I got the level 20 priest - class quest and received my "staff of the technocrat", the flavor text from the NPC made it sound like we're just a typical battle-medic, using tools instead of relying on Light magic.

What is Queen Azshara's background story? To elaborate on this, I mean to ask of who she was before she was the Queen, if she was the first monarch of the Kaldorei, or if she inherited the throne.
If Morgan of Morgan's Militia wants to conquer the Burning Steppes and create her own kingdom (which Stormwind might not like), why is she fighting the Dark Iron dwarves who destroyed the Steppes, in the stead of the Blackrock orcs who currently hold it?
What has become of Calia Menethil, now heiress to the throne of Lordaeron?
Also looking for timeline clarification for new gnomes!

Especially with the changes to their new starter area, if you follow that storyline, were you

A: a gnome that's been trapped in gnomeregan since the first disaster happened? (During or just after the 2nd war I believe?)


B: are you just a recovering veteran from the assault on Gnomeregan that happened just before the Shattering occurred?
The Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes were created by the summoning of Ragnaros in the War of Three Hammers, which was 300 years ago. But Morgan of Morgan's Militia seems to imply that she lost her land recently. Furthermore, there has been no indication that these lands ever belonged to humans. If anything, these lands were always shown to belong to the dark iron dwarves up until the time of the Old Horde. Would you mind clarifying the lore surrounding Morgan and her militia?

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