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Is the Shattered Hand going to make a reappearance? Now that SI:7 has a greater presence there's a lot of potential for the Shattered Hand to counter them...
I personally Love the amount of Lore that has been implemented in Cata! On that note I have read the War of The Ancients books and have a question about Vashj ir. Why when all the Naga were Nightelf do the statues look like Highelfs? When doing the quest to look at the plaques the statues look more like Highelfs rather then Nightelfs. I do understand that Highelfs are a split off of Nightelfs but i don't see how during the war they could have statues made of the changes in appearance.
Hi devs, my question is:

Who started the war in Cataclysm, Garrosh or Varian. And what's Jaina's position in this war?

We all see a new A.vs.H world war in Cataclysm. But in the novel The Shattering, it is stated that Alliance and Horde made a new pact for temporary peace after the Lich King's defeat. There must be someone who started the war again then, is he Garrosh or Varian?

And since the Dustwallow Marsh hasn't revamped in timeline, Jaina's position in the war became a mystery. Theramore armys made some great advance in The Barren and even marched to Durotar. That's a little aggressive for Jaina. Does Varian forced her to do this, or she just decided Garrosh must be put down?

To my understanding, if Jaina herself ever want to go war against the orc, it could only because Garrosh started the war and attacked the Night Elves, before the Alliance marched to The barren. But there is no evidence ingame to prove which one is first. I really want the Devs could answer this.(It's actually one question, I just want to know Jaina's position.)

And revamp the Dustwallow timeline in a future patch please!
In much of the lore and recent lore of this year there is a support to say there are two moons of Azeroth, The White Lady and the Blue Child. However since BC there has been no official confirmation as to why we only have one moon. Is there a reason why the moon is missing despite lore supporting that it does exist?
If the goddess Elune is associated with the White Lady moon. Is there a god or goddess associated with the Blue Child moon?
what on earth is your facination with poo? or do you guys just imagen our wierded out faces when we accept the varius quests involving the bile product and laugh in your desks

also can i haz blizzard slushi?
Are there any future plans for the Grimtotem storyline? Particularly with Magatha?
I am curious about the fate of the "7th Vial of Eternity" that was suppose to be in Illidan's possession last; 3 vials created the 2nd Well atop Hyjal, 1 was taken by the High Elves to create the Sunwell, 2 we're split between Lady Vashj & Prince Kal'thalas leaving 1 unaccounted for.

By the way LOVE the amazing work you all do.

What has Valeera Sanguinar been up to since the Battle for the Undercity?
With his parents trapped on Outland (or beyond), who raised Arator?
What is the in depth relationship (if any) between Elune, the Naaru and the Titans? Beyond the superficial, do Elune, the Naaru and the Titans link together in a deeper way?
Does Arator the Redeemer plan to get out of Outland and start doing some Alliance work anytime soon?
What does "taz'dingo" mean?
Will Deathwing and Calia Menethil get married?
Just a few things I've been wondering about:

Why, after the massive overhaul to the old zones, the Quel'Dorei lodges in Eastern Plaugelands & Hinterlands weren't updated with High Elf architecture - and High Elf NPCs?

Why do Night Elves & Trolls have digsites in Northrend while Dwarves do not? - FYI there are 2 'dwarf' areas in eastern Grizzly Hills and the Iron Dwarves areas + Ulduar/Titan ruins in Storm Peaks would all make perfect digsites (recall that the Badlands is just one big Uldaman digsite)

Will the remodeling/repairing of Orgrimmar & Stormwind get updated, bit by bit, during major patches? It would symbolically appropriate, for the Final CATA patch, having the two Capital Cities back at "full strength" when it comes time to take on Deathwing himself.
*if that does happen, don't forget to update Org's western entrance & bridge!

With respect to what the Wildhammer clan has been through, how can they say (during Hinterlands quests) that the Revantusk trolls are encroaching on THEIR land when trolls used to own just about all of Eastern Kingdoms? Yes I know the same argument falls to the High Elves & Zu'Aman, but the Revantusk (like the Darkspear) 'play nice'?

Has anyone else wondered why Archmage Khadgar has never explained to King Varian: The reason Garona killed his father, King Llane, and attacked him years later on Theramoure, was that during the battle with {evil} Medivh her mind was magically scrambled making her vulnerable to manipulation by Gul'dan & the Twilight's Hammer (Cho'gal). Considering all the personal craziness he's going through with 'Lo'Gosh' after Onyxia split him in two and being put back together - you'd think he'd be a BIT understanding (and possibly forgiving) with that kind of thing.

Speaking of can he (and the Alliance for that matter) be so angered at the orcs full-on invasion of Ashenvale - ancient Night Elf lands; while his forces are invading the long held Taruen lands of the Barrens-bit hypocritical. I'm assuming Prince Anduin knows nothing of the Alliance allying with the Grimtotem, because after his 'tea time' with Baine Bloodhoof in "The Shattering" he'd probably tell he's father off big time.

Last one (sorry for dragging on so long): Please! Please! Please! Let it come to pass that we of the Horde get to "remove" Gallywix as goblin leader - preferably by a quest chain that ends with him & Donais being crushed by that giant 'Mt. Goblin-moure' of himself after we blow it and his pleasure palace off of the mountain - thus promoting Boss Mina <Her Tallness> to new racial leader!
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How did Nathanos Blightcaller survive his encounter with the Alliance army sent to defeat him?

According to him, he "played possum" i.e he feigned death.
01/25/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Lifa
Could we get a better explanation of why there must always be a lich king? It never made sense to me.

The most likely [game play] reason for the "Always being a Lich King to keep the remain Scourge in check" is to explain why the remaining undead in the Plaugelands don't simply drop (re)dead or go free & bolster the Forsaken's ranks by ALOT; either scenario would cause Scholomance & Stratholme to cease to exist as instances cause they'd be empty
What position did Lord Garithos hold before the coming of the Scourge? Was he already a Grand Marshal?
Why did Grand Marshal Garithos dislike non-humans so much?

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