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What's up with the weird and creepy round, black cat head just floating in the water in Uldum? It's East/Southeast of Mar'at and it's got a little silver ring on the top of the head like it's a fishing lure but there's something just creepy about.
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Not that I have any problem with Greenish Tigers with tusks and Mohawks, But I would have imagined the Troll druids following the path of the Fang more than any other druidic path. especially with their close ties with the raptors of Azeroth. Can this be expanded upon please?

(I'm sorry if this has already been asked, I got exhausted around page 45.)

(I really do love the tigers with tusks and mohawks!)

Ack- That's what i get for waiting a day. Oh well.
After cataclysm was released, foxes and ettins started showing up in places they never were before. It makes sense that they may have been in Gilneas all along, but why are they in places like Redridge? It is also strange that Outland raptors are now in Azeroth.

EDIT: Sorry, just noticed the thread being closed.
What's the status of the Blue Dragonflight since Malygos' death? It seems like they just disappeared off the map, when you'd think the death of an aspect would deserve some kind of canonical resolution.
Calia Menethil..... Where is she???
There are times when I think it is pretty clear at this point that Blizzard is shaping Sylvanas up to become an out and out bad guy. I hope she is not "going mad" like Kael and Malygos and Illidan and Deathwing all did. She is quite a complex character with interesting motivations. I hope we don't just kill her off like we did Kael and Illidan. My question is, is she being put down the path of so-called madness and evil (which is a death sentence in wow lore), or is there a chance that she could find new allies among those who had previously hated her? I for one hope she stays the cold, calculating evil yet indispensable character that she is.
I have voted on every post in this thread.

Thank you Blizzard for giving us the chance to have many or of Lore oriented questions answered.

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