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I'm curious as to how any Undead can acquire the powers of the Holy Light, generate them at will, and use them... (Forsaken have these capabilities, and I've seen plenty of Scourge use these abilitys also..)

Is an Undead's soul not twisted and corupted with dark magics that would make this impossible? (The main force behind the Light is goodwill and purity of mind and soul is it not?)

Is an Undead's body not bound by dark magics (You know, tieing a twisted and corupted soul back into its lifeless corpse... Thats some prety dark magic there... ) that would make them an unsuitable host for the power of Light and thus exactly why their so susceptible to its powers and effects ( <--in a damaging aspect) in the first place?

Aren't these powers given/handed down by/from the Naaru (More to the point, why would a Naaru give power to an Undead (A being made of darkness) when these powers are meant to destroy and prevent darkness)?

I know I know.. 1 question.. :P.. I'm sorry.. But I had to get all down and gritty about it simply because its all relative and tied together... A simple explination would not suffice if it only reflected one aspect of the puzzle.. So I may as well ask about the whole puzzle and get a real answer.. ;)

P.S. Heres a joke question I juss thought as a bonus.. lol..
If a Naaru hovered into the Undercity, would the populace turn to dust? lol.. (You don't need to answer that one.. lol.. )..
01/25/2011 10:39 AMPosted by Sophielou
I know the last picture in the archaeology book is a big secret so all I want to know is if it is possible to uncover its mystery in this patch or next. As much fun as arch is (seriously no sarcasm I love the way to discover bits of story) I really don't want to waste time necessarily trying to find out that last little thing if I can't yet.
I completely agree, its so annoying that its like having the message of a confirmed legendary next patch (not actually the case here, just an example) and for months not having any other informatin about it. Its irritating as hell and personally I would like it to be revealed, whether it is a new race, allied races, or just titan artifacts.
Bashiok, are you still allowing non-question discussions in this thread, or are you deleting every response after yours once your work shift starts? I ask because I see a lot of old posts after yours, but mine which was numbered in the 1580's was deleted. I think maybe you mistook it for another question.

[If you delete this, I'll just take it to mean everything after your post gets deleted.]
I know you guys are not taking anymore questions, but it is a hard task to look through and vote on 83... no, err 56? pages of questions. Not to mention that some of the highly voted questions have answers OR about matching game mechanics/looks/ideals with the lore.

If there was any question about High Elves in the Alliance and their state now, please add my vote to that question. Or, what ever happened to Ranger Lord Hawkstrider? The High Elf ranger in the Plaguelands. His people became wretched... did he join them? I hope not being an Alliance High Elf fan. =(

Regardless, I look forward to the answers to whatever questions do get picked.
01/25/2011 10:17 AMPosted by Vyrin
Why do Alliance soldiers raised by the Forsaken immediately become loyal to the Forsaken if they have free will?

Why do the guards of Stormwind use crossbows when superior firearms are literally a drive from the Deeprun Tram drive away?

Edt: Didn't read the entire first post! heh, sorry Bashiok!
01/29/2011 12:32 AMPosted by Curk
Why do the guards of Stormwind use crossbows when superior firearms are literally a drive from the Deeprun Tram drive away?

Firearms arnt always superior, considering a very large amount of weapons and armor is enchanted. Considering they might be single shot, slow reloading firearms crossbows might not be much worse.
Will the Infinite dragonflight make another appearance in Cataclysm?
Will we ever find out if where the Infinite Dragonflight actually hails from and why/how the Bronze aspect is involved with it?
Will people realize that any question past Bashiok's post on p.80 will be ignored and ineligible for consideration by the CDev team?
01/25/2011 10:26 AMPosted by Dknvd
Will the Park be rebuilt!? And if it is, will it be turned into a newer and better Gilnean District!?

I dont like the lame tree in an even lamer tree.

The park is where Velen is going to land the exodar, however, he can't yet afford the price the mages in dalaran are asking to relocate it. You would think that with the Exodar now a ghost town, there would be money saved on cleaning and maintenance etc but apparently not.
you ever gunna do something like custom login screen or get some to chose from?
Ok given my two posts which were highly rated were deleted for some reason.

Here is a recap of BOTH posts.

!) Can druids speak in their animal forms. This would solve a lot of debate on the rp forums about this.

2) Will we be seeing more from the tauren / draenei / gnomes and trolls of Wow in the events of the expansion instead of it always being centered around humans / orcs / forsaken and dwarves?
So many questions in this thread that could be answered with a quick WoWpedia search... /sigh
Ragnaros vs Nefarian - battle for Blackrock, if the alliance and horde did not kill Nefarian and banish Ragnaros who would have won the fight for Blackrock?
The Dragonmaw were defeated and taken into captivity and Alextraza freed in the book "Day of the Dragon.
01/29/2011 3:21 AMPosted by Culain
Will people realize that any question past Bashiok's post on p.80 will be ignored and ineligible for consideration by the CDev team?
Does Norzodmu only control Azeroth's time or all of time?
01/27/2011 12:52 PMPosted by Bashiok
Apparently you can't vote on locked threads, so, we'll have to unlock it and 'ignore' any questions asked beyond this post. Please do not post any further questions and just vote on those already asked.


Bashiok posted this on page 80. All posts after page 80 will not be read.



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