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I have heard rumors about the Alliance getting Stromgarde and Hillsbrad back, b ut i do not know is these are true, can you shed some light on either of these rumors? Will the gnomes ever get all of gnomeregan back? And will any other capital cities get moved/ destroyed ( Gilneas, gnomeregan, Kezan))? And the taurne built teh great gate to stop the Alliance, which is made of wood. the Alliance has nearly overtaken the osuthern barrens, and a wooden gate would never possibly stop them. WIll the forsaken or the trolls leave the horde? and will the forsaken become the next scourge? Plz shed some light on some of my questions here, any answers will be appreciated.
I am an avid WoW player, your game is the best I have ever played, and I have never gotten any bad customer srvice, all of it has been perfect. And even when my main character before i got this DK was deleted after i got hacked by the hackers, you guys got it back in a day. Thanks for everything blizzard.
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I hope you do not expect Blizzard to answer that, because they are ignoring questions past p.80.

And I hope you realize I'm trying to help you get that point across. That was a question to everyone else, not Blizzard.
The only faction she is associated with is not a political one, and that's the Netherwing. Come to find out, they are the offspring of Deathwing, so that is actually more than a little appropriate for this character. She and Deathwing have a lot in common, philosophically speaking, so it is a wonderful little tie-in that she rides Onyxien (or at least his clone.)
Except for the fact that the Netherwing kinda hate their father...?

Doesn't matter. She holds the reins now, and more fools they for trusting her with them.

Yes, this character is kind of awful.
so, when do we get some answers? I can't take the suspense >.<
I do hope CDev takes into account that the majority of people will NOT go back through 80 pages of this and vote for stuff. Kind of sucks for those of us who posted around page 60.

Either way, I'm very curious to see how any questions are answered!
What is the current relationship between Lor'themar Theron and Garrosh Hellscream?
Why is it that the night elves joined the alliance instead of the Horde. I understand that in the beginning of WoW it would have been unfair for the Horde to have 5 races and the Alliance to have 3. But in story why did the night elves join the Alliance? Even though orcs killed Cenarius who was close to the night elves he was also important to the tauren who joined the Horde. The orcs began to respect nature again and were sorry for what happened to Cenarius. The humans on the other hand don't have much respect for nature and neither do the gnomes or dwarves. Why then did the night elves join the alliance instead of the Horde?
Kind of sad that I missed it (yeah school!) well I will put mine in here even if it won't be answered.

What can you tell me of Gryan's life before and through the 1st 2nd and 3rd War beyond him being a basic soldier was there anything more to him?
What initially busted through the doors to Uldum in the Valley of the Watchers?
Will the presence of the Moonwell in Duskwood ever be explained?
The RPG books state that a night elf that begins using the Arcane will slowly lose the violet hue to their skin, shrink in height, and become a Highborne elf. Do current night elf mages face this fate?
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Wasn't paying attention to the blue posts when I posted this, since it's going to be ignored I'll remove it. I'll try again in Round 3 if there is one.
It's acually more simple then you think. The scourge are like middle schoolers, without a leader they'll go into a complete frenzy.
I'm sure this has been asked multiple times, but I'll go for it anyway.

I want to start off by commending Bliz's job on telling a continuing story in cataclysm. There are plenty of tie backs to the events of WoLK and Vanilla wow both in the remade world, as well as in the new zones. It was great to see Tirion in the plaguelands and start BWD out in the place where we killed Nef the first time around. But the problem I see is this--Other than Garrosh leaving Nagrand, its like the events of BC never happened.

The blood elf starter zones have no update except for warrior trainers, flight points, and new voice acting for regent lord placeholder. Belfs have their version of the explorer's league but take no part in the politics of the horde. The battle for the sunwell, that ended years ago both in game, as well as to us, rages on. Draenei got it even worse, with no new plot development I've noticed at all.

In addition, where is Maiev? Where is Lady Liadrin? and has anyone mentioned to Malfurion that his brother is dead?
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I'm just curious as to why there was no fallout from Tyrande Whisperwind's slaughter of the wardens guarding Illidan's cell.

While there not a much of a political fallout, Maiev did leave Tyrande to die at the hands of the scourge, so that could count as a fallout...

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