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01/26/2011 9:19 PMPosted by Myrlen
They became Ogres, as we know, and ogres eventually turned into orcs.

Say what?

There is no such evidence to support this Ogres become Orcs bull!!%*.
Exactly, it would of been nice if Valen told us that they were being hunted.
01/27/2011 11:02 AMPosted by Egrem
How much does the Alliance know about Sylvanas' betrayal of Garithos and his men?

The better question will the Alliance ever care?

I mean the guy was an all around racists even the dwarves under his commander note they only stay because of the pay and one even comments that they are not paid enough to deal with that @***!!#.

Granted want happened to his men was sad but I'm fine with Garithos being killed and then being eaten by ghouls.
The Shattering made it clear that Varian and Jaina knew exactly what happened to Bolvar after Arthas died. How did they know?

I think the leaders of the Horde and Alliance were told what happened to Bolvar by Tirion.

After all Uther told both Jaina and Sylvanas that their must always be a Lich King so they would of had questions on Tirion's claim that he killed the Lich King.
I think because the scourge have to be controlled or they would run around mindlessly killing everything in Azeroth. Don't quote me though :)
To my understanding each of the titan cities had the following races:

Ulduar: Vrykul, Dwarves, Gnomes an Tol'vyr (killed by the nerubians)

Ulduman: Dwarves and Gnomes

Uldum: Dwarves, Gnomes and Tol'vyr

I was wondering why th Vrykul are only in Northrend then.
If this question has already been asked just ignore it. Will Darion Mograine's storyline continue after wotlk?
will we ever be able to fly in azuremyst/bloodmyst exodar ghostlands/ eversongwoods silvermoon and quel danas. I know they are part of the BC expansion but they are still part of eastern kingdoms, and kalimdor and we were promised that we could fly on both continents. its feels werid having to switch to ground mount when i was on flying, and i would really love to see what silvermoon looks like from sky
seeing how as we can fly anywhere else the bottom line of my question is will we ever be able to fly in these areas? we can in outland so bc flying seems doable
Around the mountain that Ironforge is built into there are at least 2 gates besides the main that would seemingly lead into the city. Currently these gates are locked, and if you did manage to get through them you would see they lead nowhere. Are there plans to expand Ironforge or other capitals besides Stormwind/Ogrimmar? I know that I miss hanging out in Ironforge, and it really wouldn't take much more than adding the Cataclysm portals to Ironforge or removing them from Stormwind to breath new life into this city, and I would imagine similar could be done for Thunderbluff.
Are there any Darkspear troll berserkers?
While I understand the retcon surrounding the WC2 goblin alchemist explanation, and the berserker place in society has been hinted upon within various instances and with the warrior item giver with the Zandalar, the seeming lack of Darkspear berserkers has always struck me as odd (though fitting as it emphasizes the "hunters of the jungle" aspect players have favored).

Also, think I can sort of answer Trollmon's question: after the Curse of Flesh afflicted them, the Vrykul stayed gathered around their king and didn't spread out much. The behavior in humans followed the same system, the humans that spread out founded their own kingdoms over time and I doubt Ymiron would allow a new kingdom to form.
Plus, the Vrykul were made in the second generation of earthen when the titans also made the Iron Dwarves. These new constructs were designed to protect Ulduar and the surrounding titan holding specifically I believe.
Waiting for OP...

surely he will deliver...
What was the final fate of the Scythe of Elune? It seems that after the worgen starting experience, the Scythe mysteriously vanishes with no explanation as to what became of it. Did it stay with the Druids of the Scythe for safe keeping? Did it somehow get lost? Was it destroyed?
And thus does the voting, too, draw to a close!

Creative Development would like to thank everyone for their questions and their votes, even though they now have thousands of questions from multiple regions to review and sort. It goes without saying that their ocular fortitude is more than a match for this task, but we love the term “ocular fortitude” so we’re saying it anyway.

Expect answers sometime between next Monday and when the Moon escapes the Earth’s orbit!

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