best boa weapons for frost dk

Death Knight
i am leveling a frost DW dk and was wondering what the best 1h heirloom weapons are for this ty in advance for your help
For leveling 2H Frost > DW Frost.... Especially if you are considering heirloom weapons since there really aren't any good heirloom options for DW. Best is the agility one-handers and even they're terrible due to the lack of Strength. If you want to stick with DW then just use whatever weapons you find through quests and dungeons as they'll be superior for the most part...
Tbh leveling gear won't matter that much.

The limiting factor when leveling is travel between quests/mobs, not how fast you can kill them. With a crap weapon or a good one, either way mobs are going to drop in 5 seconds tops. If you want to level fastest worry about travel paths and quest routes more than weapons imo.
Venerable Mass of McGowan or Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge? It's agility, but still, dat speed.

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