Scepter of Azj'Aqir

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I am at 316 Tel. my last rare Tel'vir was the pet and that was my 60th Tel'vir solved. I just got Queued up Scimitar of the Sirocco, God help me.
I finally got mine on my 350th Tol'vir solve!

EDIT: this is "Umbridge" that posted a few posts back! (faction/name change)
i got the last 2 about several month's ago. need the vyrkul axe and the thane's staff but otherwise finished (probably will plan coming back) when pre-event launch happen's. since i am so glued to diablo 3 right now.
307 solves atm, still no mount yet, it's really pissing me off so bad... spending hours for that badass for hundred of hours and haven't see it pop yet. im getting very disappointed with these day got nelf and fossil spawns very often than tol'vir dig sites and slowing down my farming; since i clear them all... spending more than 4h+/day. ''RNG''=BS. im like an old man, sitting around in a casino and play a slot machine that waiting that fking jackpot comes... it might still need several hundred of solves to get it out seems like... /sight Pls more datas, i want to c how's other progressing.
I'd say under 300 solves probably closer to the 200 range, unfortunate part of grinding for this was all the canopic jars I had gotten along the way not having Alchemy lost out on a lot of chances at vial of the sands recipe. Really wish they made those BoA, even putting a require ment of 425 Archaelogy to open them. If this was the case could of funneled canopic jars to my alchemist who is now grinding for vial of the sands recipe currently on 17th canopic jar and still no recipe.

Hoping they make adjustments in the future to limit grinding for items to a single archaelogist not 1)Archaelogist with a,b or c primary or secondary proffession.

Getting back to the scepter mount there is so much rng involved in the process you can be one of those fortunate souls (most ppl tend to think they will fit into this category) that acquires this mount within their first 50 solves, or you can be on the other end of the spectrum with 500+ solves and still no mount. I'd suggest not burning yourself out grinding archaeology for 5+ hours at a time on a daily basis. Here's what I did: play some music, dig in Kalimdor only if you can manage knocking off all the rares for NE and fossils you are in good shape moving forward, several addons speed up the process: gathermate2, Archy, Archaelogy Helper. Having a toon with 15 min hearth, another form of hearthing like a mage shammy etc, or an engineer with portals will speed up movement, have fastest available flying. I made archaelogy digs part of my daily thing when I logged on aiming to knock off at least 8 digsites minimum.

Good Luck
Power leveled arch in 3 days. 25th tol'vir solve and bam, Scepter. got the ring and scarab thing too. Funny because i only wanted the Professor title from this profession and i get a somewhat "rare" mount to boot.
78 Tol'Vir solves, nothing yet. Got ring, pendant, and staff so far. Would have been nice to get the pet or mount in place of the staff, but that tends to be how these things work. I don't mind the grinding, but I have been getting annoyed with all of the NE sites that have been popping up despite having solved all the NE rares.
One of my archies has it, but can't get the Vial of the Sands recipe at all, no matter how many tries.
Also I should mention, I am absolutely sure that some items correspond to a character-based, account-based, or server-based stat (or a combination of 2 of those 3 together). It definitely does not seem fully random. That doesn't mean you should give up, but if it doesn't drop quick, be prepared for it to take a very, very long time to drop.
I just started levelling this yesterday, I hit 525 today and am at 6 tol'vir solves. I picked it up solely for getting this and the raptor and after seeing all these posts I am determined to keep at it till i get that bug!
129th Tol'vir solves and no sign of the mount.

Awesome! You give me hope, I just broke the 200 mark myself.
Was my last Tol'vir rare... when I reached the 4 digit solves I was heartbroken, but not for long ;)

And then like the fool I was, I went and raised archaeology on my shaman for the vial recipe ><
I got the mount rather quickly but I am coming to the conclusion that it is impossible for a person to get every tol'vir artifact on one character.
07/07/2012 09:29 AMPosted by Eról
I got the mount rather quickly but I am coming to the conclusion that it is impossible for a person to get every tol'vir artifact on one character.

Well that's not true, sure it took my forever and a day, but I got every archaeology rare from every race on this toon :D
Ryken, I envy you.....

You have all those awesome mounts. I'm jealous >.>
I'm sitting on 143 tol'vir solves. I've only gotten the ring and scarab pendant and I haven't gotten a rare in at least 90-100 solves.

I lost hope a long time ago, I keep trying to get back into it but it's so painful. I've spent thousands of gold on hieroglyphics.

Stories of people getting it after many hundred solves is horrifying and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get stuck in that boat.

This is so loathsome. Silithid are my favorite, I would do anything to have one as a mount... but archaeology is soul-destroying.

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