Am I reading this right?

•The passive healing bonus from Walk in the Light has been reduced to 5%, down from 15%. This change is to balance against the fix to Conviction, but still results in a small overall buff to paladin healing

This from the patch notes today. Is Walk in the light now getting a 10% nerf, or is this a clerical error? If it is not an error then the last part of the statement is wrong, as 9% gain from conviction does not offset a 10% loss from our passive ability. Any thoughts?
Honestly, I read this in two places, and it said two different things. One of them said it was lowered BY 5% (to 10%), the other said it was lowered TO 5%. One of the two is a typo. At this point I am thinking that it is just an error in the hotfix notes and it is supposed ot be 10%, but we'll have to wait either for 4.0.6 to launch and read the tooltip there (since that will be correct), or wait for someone at EJ to do the math.
Also, in other words, this means the fix that makes conviction actually work doesn't matter. It might as well stay broken.

Thanks Blizz! Actually, thanks for making it easy to argue to my arena teams that Ret > Holy in 4.0.6 :)
Reading this too. Math just doesn't add up. 15-10+9=14 ?

14 < 15 ?

Either a typo or one of the posts somewhere is a mispost.
Reading this too. Math just doesn't add up. 15-10+9=14 ?

Based upon most recent PTR spell delve, it's 10%, down from 15%. With Conviction "broken" until now, in theory its +9% on top of the base 10% for 19% (where the +4% is coming from). They consider this a 4% buff, but don't kid yourself in thinking 3 stack Conviction has 100% uptime. Don't fool yourself into thinking it's a 4% buff, it really isn't.

Our healing efficiency is being nerfed, including having Holy Light +10% mana cost. With a 9% stacking buff off CRIT (not cast) this means chaining multiple spells during those 15 second gaps. At decent gear levels with JotP up 99% of the time and full raid buffs, chain casting (assume you're not moving), you're getting ~7 effects off before a stack drops.

Sure it's easy to keep this stacked on select fights with little movement, optimal LoD targets every 12 second intervals that you don't need in excess of 20% spell crit. You can juke the system by LoD'ing max targets after every Holy Shock, but heavy movement fights where people are forced to spread, and you're judging on cooldown (1 chance for crit, even if the self heal crits), it's just as likely for stacks to fall. Unfortunately World of Logs doesn't list stack size for its uptime statistics, but assume anything that is NOT 100% has multiple ramp up times.

It becomes even worse with PvP. Paladins for some reason have always been chance related, going back to Seal of Casino, aka Seal of Command. Why can't Conviction just apply X number of stacks, where X is the amount of Holy Power you used. Less chance and more control over our destiny, like keeping Judgements of the Pure up.
Also, this nerf hits pvp even harder, as most people don't put all the talent points into conviction, let alone keeping the stacks up. When you really want a strong heal is after the 30+ second cc chain, which means 0 stacks of conviction.

Bur remember, this is a "Buff"
yes its a buff;{ lol

in 5 mans conviction at best has a 40% 3 stack up time...50% at 1 or more stacks...
so if its a 5% nerf to walk in light it comes out about even.

if its a 10% nerf to conviction like the hotfix note says then its a NERF....
01/26/2011 11:37 PMPosted by Farranor
Also keep in mind that Conviction was already working on self-healing. Making Conviction work on other targets and nerfing Walk in the Light is a flat nerf to self-healing.

Yep, and the 30% reduction to PoTI is gonna take us down a notch too (Don't mention the 10% mana cost hike bleh, its like gas these days). I hate when the developers tell half truths. They really need to be a bit more honest. That or if they actually didn't consider then straight nerf to self healing then someone else needs to write notes.
On Chimereon tonight, we were at 80% before any of my heals crit :( RNG ftl?
01/27/2011 1:16 AMPosted by Osanna
On Chimereon tonight, we were at 80% before any of my heals crit :( RNG ftl?

I'm not sure if you raid in the PvP gear you have on, but 11% crit is very low. Did you have the 5% crit buff for the raid? We need 15% unbuffed crit and the 5% raid crit buff to keep Conviction stacked to 3 at all times... in theory =D
I don't think Pallys should be nerfed. Other Healers need to be buffed up to where Pallys are.

But something had to give when Pallys are THE healing class in a Raid. You could heal with just Pallys. That's wrong.

No one really brings anything different to healing anymore. Everyone is basicly the same until the exciting 5% of the time you use what's special to your class (boring idea thanks GC).

The trouble is a Pally does the (boring) fast/cheap/big to well. Other healers should have been buffed up. But that's not the Blizzard way. They say Pallys are where they want healing then nerf them. I guess they don't even believe what they type on the forums.
[quote="19655740145"]We need 15% unbuffed crit and the 5% raid crit buff to keep Conviction stacked to 3 at all times... in theory =D

What theory is this? You don't need anywhere near that much if you're constantly healing with your instants and casts (and with PotI having the same chance to crit on each of those casts).
01/27/2011 6:11 AMPosted by Vuldin
Hell, the only time I was going oom anyway was against a Warlock that did nothing but Drain Mana.

Because 2s is the only bracket that matters, amirite?

In all seriousness the devs have already said that they don't balance around the 2s bracket (which is why you don't get titles/t2 weapons from it), and if you play in 3s and/or 5s you WILL have a definite threat to go oom.

01/27/2011 6:11 AMPosted by Vuldin
Seriously, Holy Pallies were OP, admit it. We are getting changed, not nerfed/buffed. We get an interrupt

The interrupt has been discussed extensively on the arena junkies thread, and apart from 2s it will hardly make a difference in high level play. Any paladin that rambos their way across the map away from their pillar to get an interrupt off is just asking to get a cc chain put on them, which usually results in a loss if you don't have a bubble/trinket available. The only real use it will have is if a mage blinks around a pillar to poly you or a lock ports to right in front of you to get a fear off.

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