prot pally pvp...

im looking to be a hi resilience protection war or pally.

mainly wanna be a fc, node defender, annoyance. started to gear up my war and im liking but wanna look into pallys before I get to far. main concern is seemed like I get kited like nothing on my pally and just die with out touching ranged unlike my war with all the charges. 2nd is the removal of AS silence how bad is it going to be with out it?

any advice opinions experiances great.
I don't think AS is losing its silence?

Anyway, check Taugrimm's prot PVP thread.

Personally if you want to be prot one way or another, I think warriors get more fun toys (disarm, spell reflect, purge, multiple stuns, warbringer) but it's all personal preference.
Prot paladin PVP is a lot of fun in BG's and can be used as much more than just annoyance/defender. I just hit 85 yesterday so I just started gearing up but I do fairly well especially If I stick with the group. Which in BG's is usually the right thing to do. But if you want real answers I would suggest you look up taugrim's prot paladin pvp guide.

He also has many posts on the forums and he is pretty good about answering peoples questions. Just look up Taurgrimm and you can get a lot of valuable information between him and other peoples posts.
yea I saw that but it mostly looked like arena haven't watched the vids yet though
01/27/2011 9:10 AMPosted by Nasaug
yea I saw that but it mostly looked like arena haven't watched the vids yet though

The Guide itself is PVP for any context, it's not Arena specific. I wrote the 1st draft of the Guide back in October when 4.0 launched in WotLK, and there was so Arena. Not everyone wants to Arena, either.

For Cata, 2 of the vids were from BGs, 4 so far have been from Arena. PVP is PVP - you'll get stuff out of watching any (good) footage.

The main reason I've been focusing on Arena vids is because of the (inaccurate) generalization by Cata players that "Prot is fine for BGs but sucks is Arena" - which hasn't been the case in my experience so far.
hey thanks for posting. thanks for clearing that up wasn't to sure. 2 questions. first is do you have anything in ur video that's deals with frost mages. 2 in r guide it says gemstam is there a reason not to to gem resilience?

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