Best professions for pally?

It's not gonna be my main so it's not going to be for money making purposes but it'd be nice if it was self sufficient at least. Thoughts? Thanks
Mining/JC'ing is a good combo for an alt.

Enchanting/Mining is also good if you are going to tank.
Enchanting/Skinning for dps/heals.
Enchanting/Herbalism for heals.

What role do you plan to play?
Blacksmithing and JC are almost always the best bets because of stat flexibility. Take them as a tank, and you can get an extra 161 Mastery - that's not bad at all!
Engineering is fun, because of all the little tinkers you can add to your gear, like mind control tinker for a belt, and a parachute for a cape, and a rocket launcher for your gloves. You can also make an epic head piece that it is pretty useful. You also get recipes for Gnomish army knife, a mining pick, spanner, blacksmithing hammer, and more in one tool; MOLL-E, a portable mailbox; Jeeves, a portable repair tool with bank access; and much more. As prot, you get grenades for threat.

Enchanting is great cause you can enchant your own gear, but you still have to get the resources.

Agreed, Mining is good for Prot, cause you get extra stamina.

Alchemy gives you a boost in spell power (or another stat if you choose), and Mixology gives you an increased affect in potions and elixirs.

So, for Prot, I'd pick Engineering and mining

For new Ret, I'll probably choose Blacksmithing for the extra gem socket and JC for the epic cuts that give you +67 Str.

For Holy, I'd probably still choose JC and Alch.

I'd keep alts with gathering abilities so I can still farm the crap out of Twilight Highlands.
Engineering if you plan to PvP at all.
If your going ret or prot you want mining for the str bonus easily. Being a JC will help you get some serious stam bonuses for the gems but I took BS to make my own armor as its cheaper. I wouldnt suggest eng as its insanely expensive, however, the upside is that you can make some great tank pieces at cata level gear. Still, you gotta ask yourself if you want to spend the coin on it. Tailoring if you go holy so you can get the bonuses for spellthread and enchanting as well. So again, if your ret or prot, go miner and JC/BS if your holy go Tailoring/Enchanting. Thats what will really help you out for those specs.
I went herbalism and alchemy.
Herbalism gives you haste buff for your holy and ret specs (although providing virtually no benefit to prot).
Alchemy makes your flasks give you 450 in the flask stat chosen. Gives you a GREAT starter tank trinket (next patch new stones giving int and str for holy and ret).
01/27/2011 10:11 AMPosted by Dalius
If your going ret or prot you want mining for the str bonus easily

Isn't it just a +STAM ? Not str I don't think. Not really beneficial to Ret.. not over the benefits from BS or JC anyway.
For Prot easily BS+JC for Mastery Gems, if you need the extra mastery stats, or LW since you get Resist enchants.

Currently LW and Tailoring are the BEST Ret Professions despite what any of these other people say. In 4.0.6 though LW will be the same as BS/Alch/ and yah, but Tailoring and Engineering will be on top.

For holy honestly it doesn't matter, altough I'd go with things that can get you more intellect.
@Everyone suggesting dual crafting professions...
01/27/2011 9:22 AMPosted by Ils
but it'd be nice if it was self sufficient at least.
01/27/2011 2:12 PMPosted by Baneoftruth
@Everyone suggesting dual crafting professions...
but it'd be nice if it was self sufficient at least.

There is a big "BUT" there.
If you want endgame content and self sufficient JC by far can make idiotic amounts of gold, as can Alchemy, basically anything but a crap gathering profession.

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