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Dear Paladins,

I have played and raided with all specs of our class during Wotlk and liked all three. My favorite was Ret, mainly because I liked not having a major responsibility or feeling guilty for a raid wiping. However, I've raided as Holy and Prot and enjoyed them. Well I took a break from WoW for a few months and just recently came back in late December. I still like Ret, but it feels uneasy to me. So right now, I feel more comfortable with prot (I know the spec showing is Ret) In yalls opinion, which spec do you like the most in Cata for heroics/raids/fun all around.

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01/27/2011 12:29 PMPosted by Fateslight
In yalls opinion

This is why you won't really get a useful answer. Anything that any of us can tell is completely opinion. To take that one step farther, you shouldn't base your decision on someone else's opinion, you should choose what you want to do based on your opinion and feelings.

Here's what you need to do.
1. Reflect on what role you enjoy the most.
2. Decide what you feel you'd have the most fun doing.
3. Determine if that role you chose will be viable in a raid (will you be able to get a raid spot with your guild?).
4. Play it.

If you're still not sure, then pick the spec that you are most comfortable with and start chain running dungeons. If you feel that you're bored, try a different one. The only thing you have to lose is time.

Personally, my play style has always favored tanking/healing, and I absolutely love being prot on my paladin. But I also have no issue taking responsibility if I mess up in a raid, and I have the confidence to not let a mistake mess me up. If that's not for you, then maybe you shouldn't play prot.
this just in: bad dps causes raid wipes

edit: more news at 11
Thank you very much. I know I am going to get opinions and that was what I was looking for. I just wanted to know what spec people liked to play as a paladin for heroics/raids/whatever with Cata.


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