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Hello! I have been searching for a BiS list for the current "pre-raid" scene.. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am mostly worried about Trinkets.. I am curious if the Darkmoon Tsunami and the Doll are the BiS, or if there is another set / trinket that would be better.

Yes, those trinkets are best in slot. I wouldn't count on getting the doll unless you're extremely lucky though. I use Core of Ripeness and soon Darkmoon Card: Tsunami when the faire comes back around.

01/27/2011 6:04 PMPosted by Dubalicious

although it looks like it won't be updated any longer =(

It was using:

Int 5
Spirit 5
Haste 4
Crit 2.5
Mastery 2.5
WeaponSP 1.5

When I would consider something more like:
Int 10
Spirit 5
Haste 4
Crit 3
Mastery 2
WeaponSP 7

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