Most important secondary stat for ret 4.0.6?

What order of importance would these go in for ret after patch - haste, mastery, crit?
Haste still i'd think. After trying the changes on the PTR you're going to need it. The change in theory is awesome, but sucks ass.

Ya know those actual holy power you generate with crusader? That's all you get aside from a 15% hand of light proc. The tests I've run are moderately erratic, but mostly couldn't sustain past 9k where as on live I can easily pull 11-13k solid on a test dummy.

Another thing that sucks is I will be unable to spot heal heroics when the healer refuses to heal/is unable/is dead/is healinghimselfinthefire. 10kdps WHILE pulling about 2k heals with word of glory when the healer's having to bust his ass :P

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