Where do I go to stop my leveling?

I want to twink but i don't know where I have to go in order to do so. When I ask in Trade chat, players give me the most idiotic answers for no reason. Does anyone know?
He's in stealth so it's hard to find him, the give away will be the big green letters saying "Experience Eliminator" above his head.
were is the one on ORG
For Horde: Slahtz is located in Orgrimmar, inside the new Hall of the Brave (top floor) in Valley of Honor. He's stealthed so he might be a bit hard to spot.

Just to notice: it is hard to get into a BG with xp turned off.
Thank u very much Yedidah....that was great help.....exactly where u said he is, and stealthed as well. =)

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