5.2 Guild XP guide: How to earn it

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02/01/2011 12:48 PMPosted by Bankytoo
So its looking like there is no point to running the dungeons with level appropriate characters. All that matters is getting as many people to 85 asap.

Sucks that all the low level players who joined our guild can't really contribute at all to the guild-level.
It's true. A bunch of 70s working their way up to 85 can contribute a huge amount, but most of it will come from questing in the 80-85 zones.
Everyone started a new character to try the new leveling content so being at 30ish sucks.

A group of level 30s running gnomer should get at least 70% of a group of 85s running a normal dungeon.
Does Arena work? I've 2v2 Arena'd in a guild group (even had the little icon up top) and we didn't seem to earn any guild xp as far as I could tell.
02/02/2011 9:46 AMPosted by Melynda
Does Arena work? I've 2v2 Arena'd in a guild group (even had the little icon up top) and we didn't seem to earn any guild xp as far as I could tell.

I don't think Arena awards GXP yet, just rated BGs.
Hmm. It was supposed to, but I agree, the people in my guild doing Arenas aren't reporting any Guild XP gains. I'll edit as appropriate.
Bregdark, what do you put in your hair to give it that wonderful sheen?
Lich King Daily Quests:
17,350 Dalaran Fishing daily
13,012 Dalaran Cooking daily

Whoah, i had no idea these were worth so much. Worth doing again, I guess.
02/03/2011 2:10 AMPosted by Vivimord
Bregdark, what do you put in your hair to give it that wonderful sheen?
Ectoplasmic goo.
Do you have any idea where they said they planned to make arenas give guild xp?

If they're supposed to, then it's troubling that they don't.
Vivi, arena was listed on the Blizzcon 2009 slides as an example of a guild activity that would award experience.

See this smoking gun here:

Of course that same slide lists:
Reputation ranks
Boss kills
Rated BG wins / Arena wins
Profession ranks

In reality, it ended up being only 1.5 of those 5 things. So was it meant to be 2 out of 5 instead of 1.5 out of 5? Who knows. I honestly can't say if arena not awarding Guild XP is intentional or not.
Started a separate general thread about Arena and Guild XP, let's see if we can get a blue poster to take the bait:
The daily quests from the current holiday event, Love is in the Air, each award 17,350 Guild XP, putting them on par with the capital city cooking/fishing, Dalaran fishing, and Tol Barad dailies.

If you're 85, you can currently complete 4 daily quests for the holiday each day.

One daily quest, Crushing the Crown, is bugged and not available. (I don't know how much Guild XP that quest offers to those who are 71 to 80; if you know, please contribute.)

Another daily quest is bugged for one of your faction leaders who is no longer available (Cairne for Horde, Magni Bronzebeard for Alliance).

1. Random (1 of "A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne" or "A Perfect Puff of Perfume" or "Bonbon Blitz")

If Horde:
2. A Gift for the Warchief
3. A Gift for the Banshee Queen
4. A Gift for the Regent Lord of Quel'Thelas

If Alliance:
2. A Gift for the King of Stormwind
3. A Gift for the High Priestess of Elune
4. A Gift for the Prophet

Queuing for the Apothecary Hummel boss and beating the encounter awards zero Guild XP, even if you are in a full guild group of 5.

EDIT: It was fixed with 4.0.6 to allow each 85 to do six daily quests each day -- the missing faction leader was added back in, and the Ulduar wagon/mob kill quest was added back in.
Now that 4.0.6 is out, if any of you get a chance to see if any of these numbers need to be updated, please let me know.

It would also be great to get confirmation of the 3-guild member run numbers.
02/01/2011 11:20 AMPosted by Ishamaell
My apologies, I didn't do the math and see thats how you got the numbers you got in the 3, 4, or 5 person guild dungeon groups.
Sorry, it was quite unclear before. I've tidied it up, please let me know if you find anything that's still unclear.
One thing to clarify:

I believe Guild XP is *NOT* affected by any of the following:

* Battle standards
* Reputation racial bonuses (human)
* Experience bonus guild perks (5% or 10%)
* Heirloom items
* Anything else that grants bonuses to personal experience or reputation

My evidence is that the amounts granted seem completely fixed, regardless of what perks we've unlocked.

Anyone got any definitive proof one way or the other?
I think the guild perk bonus might still apply, but one can no longer go over the weekly cap of 3500. I don't have evidence, though, this is simply Vivintuition.

I have also read that the guild standards will apply their bonus to guild rep, but I'm yet to investigate personally.

... maybe once we unlock the epic standard.
Vivimord, you appear to be correct for guild reputation -- so a daily quest like one in Tol Barad initially offered 38 or 39 Guild Rep, and that's now up to 41 or 42 if you have both of the reputation perks unlocked.

We should test the standard earlier in the week when we're not capped!
New hotfix takes effect on Tuesday:

"The amount of guild reputation and guild experience gained from killing a raid boss has been dramatically increased, as the previous rate felt too low compared to the difficulty of progressing through raid content. This change will require a realm restart to take effect, which will be next Tuesday's weekly scheduled maintenance at the latest."
Confirmed from last night's raid that the increased Guild XP for raid bosses is NOT yet implemented.

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