5.2 Guild XP guide: How to earn it

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What effect, if any, does the weekly individual contribution cap have on the experience from heroic bosses?
02/20/2011 2:15 PMPosted by Malvesti
What effect, if any, does the weekly individual contribution cap have on the experience from heroic bosses?
There are only two caps:

1. The daily Guild XP cap for the entire guild.
2. A personal cap for weekly guild reputation (unrelated to Guild XP).

Early on Blizzard proposed that Guild XP would be limited to the top x contributors or by weekly cap, but nothing like that was ever implemented. A single person doing, say, every single level 80 to 85 quest in the game on a single day could hit the daily Guild XP cap by themselves. And then they'd still be able to contribute the rest of the week.
So the "activity" and "contribution" numbers that cap out at 1575002 have no effect on all of this? There's just some discussion in my guild about this and it's not clear what those numbers do, if anything.
Well, they're not meaningless -- the weekly "Guild Activity" list does seem to be a valid counter for your guild reputation activity for the week, and the total activity listed under "Lifetime" is probably accurate -- note that the lifetime counter does seem to increase even after you're capped for the week.
Cataclysm 10-man Raid bosses now award 78700 guild experience.
nice job bregdark.
I hate the guild rep without cata the only way I gain guild rep is by quests because everyone else is doing cata raids and dungeons. Meaning it takes me forever to gain rep. So if there is any high level guilds on akama that still do guild raids and dungeons for level 80's send me a message.
02/23/2011 8:12 PMPosted by Jandriana
Cataclysm 10-man Raid bosses now award 78700 guild experience.
Confirmed, thanks. I'll update accordingly.
Does anyone know if Cata raid bosses award the same amount of Guild XP for 10-person normal, 10-person heroic, 25-person normal and 25-person heroic?
I'd like independent corroboration, but it appears that the Shattrath daily fishing quest offers absolutely zero Guild XP.

It also appears that pre-Cata raid bosses did NOT have their Guild XP boosted by the hotfix mentioned above; only Cata raid bosses were tripled in Guild XP.
When a guild reaches level 23, the daily Guild XP cap is removed.

What is the most efficient way for a level 23 guild to reach level 25?

Per http://www.wowpedia.org/Guild_experience, you need 53,070k to go from level 23 to level 24, and 54,730k to go from level 24 to level 25. So you need to earn 3,320k Guild XP. That's 107,800k Guild XP, and that would normally take more than 17 days at 6,246k Guild XP per day.

So mostly likely the most efficient way to reach that is to form 5-person heroic groups, and earn 232.5k (total for all 5 people) per boss kill. You need 457 boss kills total. The instance with the most boss kills is Halls of Origination, with 7 bosses. It'll take 65 total runs. A guild that can have five 5-person groups will need to have each of those groups do 13 HoO runs (and a couple of the groups will need to do 14 runs each).

The first level 23 guild groups should happen on or around April 4.

46,500 per person
x 5 people in the group
x 7 bosses in HoO
x 5 groups of 5 running HoO
x 13.25 runs in the day
= 107,821,875 (a bit more than the 107,800,000 required).

Of course a guild that has enough active players to form 65 separate 5-person groups (that is, a guild that can get 325 players to log on and run a heroic) can do that in an hour.

It'll be interesting to see how quickly the world first level 25 guild appears.
Except that of course you can't chain run HoO over and over again due to lockouts, so... gotta be randoms, or that 625 people thing.
Last night my guild succeeded in killing Halion-heroic-10 for the guild achievement. All ten raiders were from my guild. However, we were awarded zero Guild XP the entire time -- nothing for the mini-bosses, and nothing for killing Halion.

Is that a one-time bug? Has anyone else kill Halion in a guild group and noted the amount of Guild XP awarded?
I filed a ticket for Halion not awarding Guild XP, and got a generic "could be a bug, we'll investigate" response.

Anyone else happened to try Halion and see whether or not Guild XP was awarded?
There are certain encounters that always seem to award a multiple number of Guild XP amounts, depending on the number of bosses in the encounter.

For example, we always get quadruple Guild XP for killing the Omnotron Council, and last night when we took down the Conclave of Wind, we got triple Guild XP.

The same thing seems to be true in heroic dungeons as well. For example, the first boss encounter in heroic Shadowfang Keep seems to always award quadruple Guild XP (since the boss summons three werewolves).

In addition, it looks like some encounters, where you don't actually kill the boss, don't award any Guild XP. I'm thinking of the last two encounters in Throne of the Tides here.

That would mean I'll need to gather and confirm data, and revise the section of the guild where I list the Guild XP for each dungeon.

We finished Trial of the Grand Crusade this evening, on 10-person with a full guild group of 10, but got zero Guild XP for all five bosses, even though we earned the achievement. But then we went to go kill Onyxia and did get Guild XP. Anyone else seeing Lick King content bugging out as far as Guild XP awards go? (It may only be on heroic mode.)
Wonderful guide, thank you very much.
Thanks, I'll have to check the arena quest out.

I've done the Twilight Highland dailies a little, and they all seemed to award 13k to me (I have them listed as such). Did I miss one that gives more, or were they buffed?
46.5k heroic 5-man boss
31k normal 5-man boss

Regular raid boss 78.7k
Hypothesis: Heroic raid boss 78.7k*1.5=~118k

I'll try and verify this later today. Considering 1 kill on 25 man would award a little shy of half the daily cap, and raids occur in the evening, verification is a bit unlikely.

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