5.2 Guild XP guide: How to earn it

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Ooh, I forgot about this thread, Bregs. Good to see you updating it!

Sticky requested.
The answer to this is 60000 guild xp PER QUEST for any character. You can do a quest with a lvl 1 toon worth 13xp and you get 60000 guild xp. Anyone else think this is a bit excessive?
At first I sort of did but considering that you have to be the right level to do the quest to get guild experience not really. Not every guild is full of max level raiders and lets be honest most of them don't need the extra gold or level faster perks that you get from guild levels. The smaller family guilds benefit from this and so will the larger ones actually. You know there will be people leveling up a monk in bigger guilds and they will make a bunch of guild xp where before they would have contributed nothing to the guild as they leveled.
Level 2 will take 18,240,000 guild experience to complete. At 60,000 per quest that means it could just as well be translated to 304 character level appropriate quests. I don't know if that seems too high or too low but it will make guild leveling significantly easier. Assuming that the experience requirements keep going up at about the same rate as they do 1-25 you are looking at needing about 305,000k guild experience to go from 25-30 or likely somewhere around 5100 quests completed. If there is a large and active guild I suspect that will happen very fast after MoP launches.
Nyssa, Bigcheif, Kvöthe: Thanks so much!

I like this change. By my math, you can now get a brand new guild up to Level 25 on a new server solely from taking about 30 characters from level 1 to level 85 (assuming each character does about 475 quests to level).

Players like the perks, and are reluctant to join guilds without them. Leveling to 25 is still quite a lot of work, but not nearly as much as it used to be, and it removes some of the advantages of mega guilds, and makes it easier for a new guild to recruit.

Now even a one-person guild can eventually get to level 25 (14,261 quests -- 100 quests a day for 142 days).
Hey Breg, well hate to burst your bubble but 475 quests per toon could be a little low. Most of my toons varied from 800-1200 quests 1 to 85 so you would only need roughly 10-15 characters which you might say is great but I just think it a little low when you think you have daily quests at 85. I'm not saying don't increase it for smaller guilds but to have a blanket 60000xp per quest takes the challenge out of levelling your guild - hence making it less relevant to have levels. Maybe 1/2 the perks guilds have, and the other 1/2 won through achieves rather than xp?
It's a good point (and thanks for correcting my math! -- been too long since I leveled from 1-85). I think it's a tough balancing act. Make it too hard and then only big guilds can be level 30 and they will have a huge advantage, and newer guilds will have to fight a lot harder to recruit.

So, I think I like it the new way. Why should big guilds have all the fun?
Also, Ghostcrawler says on twitter that it's intended to be easier to level guilds now:


‏@BreakfastLord asked:
"Any change to maybe get levels a tad easier in guilds with low pops? Starting a new guild is hard, people want perks."

‏@Ghostcrawler replied:
"Tried them lately? They are super fast in 5.0."
Anyone have any additional data?
If you're patient and still going for Loremaster, you can visit the NPC that turns off XP gain and hit each level-appropriate zone as you're questing.

Thanks for making this thread and updating it. It's very helpful.
Starien, thanks for the kind words.

I don't think switching off the XP gain will help me too much, though, unless I do that in a guild that's not at max level. I'm most interested in trying to figure out the formula for how much Guild XP is being awarded for turning in a quest.
I updated the first post with information about how guild levels 26 through 30 are NOT in the game with the launch of MoP.
Unfortunately, my guild has basically dropped to a 2-man operation, so it's going to take forever to level. x.x
So far ive found the following guild xp gains for 5 man guild groups in vanilla:

BFD 831/boss/person
Scarlet halls 1056/boss/person
SM 1206/boss/person
RFK 1375/boss/person
Mara 1543-1725/boss/person
Dire maul east 1818/boss/person
Scholo 2106/boss/person
RFD 2306/boss/person
ZF 2731/boss/person

Ive seen almost every other dungeon above but if anyone is curious about a certain 5 man i can find out and post it
Thanks Lichmorne!

I updated the initial post slightly, but generally there haven't been any changes to Guild XP in the last couple of patches that I'm aware of.
Thank You For This! Thank you for caring enough to take the time and do this for us! It helped so much I even made a new level 1 JUST to help level the guild :D Awesome work!
What about for World bosses how many guild members does it take to make a bare minimum good group to jump in an lfr and get guild credit for it????

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