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For those of you that are interested in where DPS averages are for each class/spec and have never heard of Sepa, you may want to check out

Unfortunately, it would appear that the dev team has not been watching this site as it has been updated frequently showing the gap between hunter and others rapidly dropping (and in many encounters have dropped down below many so called "hybrid" classes) as gear has generally improved amongst all classes.

I've heard it many times now, including hunters from top tier raid guilds, say that Survival hunter DPS has become on par with most other DPS specs as gear has improved. Following the state of dps site, only proves this is the case.

Sorry Hunters, as it stands for the next patch, we may have to sit on the sidelines for a little more often unless Blizzard shares the little secret to DPS they know about. They must know something that doesn't show up in actual game data on why Survival needed the kick in the nuts as soon it became obvious to the commoner that the issue was initial damage, not gear scaling issues.

The data has been gathered for real player attempts, not theory-crafting, not computer generated perfect environment encounters. It showed that there was not as great of an increase in damage output from when a large player base entered Cataclysm raids to what it is now with a higher average iLvl. The damage gap that was once well in favor of Survival has disappeared and we will only see Survival fall from that top spot and continue to the bottom as soon as the next level of gear was available. A buff was needed before any nerfs, especially ones that cause the player base to even THINK about not using their primary shot.
PvE and PvP are completely different issues when it comes to raw damage output, none of the information gathered from can be used to determine lacking damage in PvP based scenarios.

All the info on the website is gathered from data for the top 180 of each spec (if available) in 25 man raid combat parses. Keep in mind that some of these top numbers are gained through special tactics and specific individual buffs that are generally not available to all raid members.

I have been keeping an eye on these numbers on a consistent basis to determine were I can work out even an extra 10 dps. Through watching the numbers as they change and overall increase, the gap between the best Survival has to offer and other class specs has shrunk dramatically with many of those top spots now being held by a variety of classes.
Since there has actually been limited hot fixes put in place to adjust class damage output, the only variable has been average gear item level.

My only conclusion to why the numbers look and have changed the way they have is that as gear has improved, a general balance between a variety of classes has shown that all the Beta and PTR testing worked as planned. For the most part, Blizzard got the numbers right when it came to the current tier of gear. An equally raid geared and equally skilled Mage, Hunter, Warlock, Rogue, or Hybrid class (as DPS spec) is fairly balanced.
Yes, there are obvious discrepancies between specs of certain classes, but as far as at least a spec for each class can compete with another class in a certain spec.

The math was correct when it came to the proper raiding gear, the problem with Survival and some other classes is that the initial base damage numbers were not correct. If the Survival changes go live, I do strongly believe that it will near cripple the class/spec as raid viable damage output. Survival simply started out too strong and were under tuned when it came to gear scaling. I do really hope that they take another look at the numbers and see that the high Survival DPS was due to the issues in starting damage and correct it there so that the spec does not continue to fall further and further behind.

And anyways, someone has to be on top of the charts, Why not Hunters?
At the beginning of Wrath, Hunters were doing awesome DPS in PVE. Too awesome, in fact, so Blizzard nerfed them. Only later was it determined that it was because of gear scaling, that other classes would eventually meet (and exceed) those initial Hunters in DPS because the Hunter wasn't going to scale as well with gear as other classes.

If what you are saying is true, then this is merely a repeat of those events. *sigh*

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