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They had that sort of an idea in FFXI. A player would visit a special NPC, and could access stored Sets of Gear/weapons. Grant it, you would have to pay for a storage fee, but it was easily affordable, and was available at all major towns. So standard Tier Gear Sets, and Dungeon Sets, along with PvP sets, could all be stored relatively easily. Adding a Tabard tab to that selection wouldn't be too hard to do.

No, this idea wouldn't be available to do on the fly out in Azeroth, but it is something Blizzard could implement in Capitols.

Anyways, just putting in some input from what previous MMO's have done.
01/25/2011 12:30 PMPosted by Lylirra
This is something we've been looking into for a while, and we're confident that we'll be able to implement a feature sometime in the future that gives players a better storage solution for their tabards. We're not sure if that feature will be a cosmetic tab or a drop-down list similar to titles just yet, though; there's still several factors that we need to consider carefully (certain tabards have on-use abilities, for example, which makes storing them a bit more complicated) before we can settle on the best course of action.

I have a suggestion on this: could you implement something similar to how the completed artifact list is done for archaeology but apply it to tabards? And to "equip" one, you'd simply right-click one of the entries and once it's been equipped, it'd still appear in the tabard slot, so then just right clicking on the tabard in the slot would then activate their abilities. Would something like this be possible?

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It's simple really, just have a "extend" option in your tabard slot, you click it, and out pop all your tabards. Click the one you want and it equips.

Well it might not be simple since I have no idea how hard making something like that would be, but hey, it works.
I saw this blue post on MMO and wanted to ad my idea but I'm really too lazy to read 15 pages of posts that say "YES PLEASE FIX", if it was already suggested, well then ignore me :)

What about treating tabards like a spell?

Create a "Show tabard" option like is available for cloak and helm in the interface options.

In abilities page, on the main page which shows race specific traits etc, create an ability that would work like the mage portals. A sort of pull out menu.

Then, give each quartermaster the ability to "Train" you on that tabard once you reach a specific Rep level, or even make them usable items like Tomes which can be purchased to teach you that factions tabard. Then if you pop open the tab and select a tabard, it would "cast" the tabard on yourself.

Basically you would ALWAYS be wearing a tabard, (though you could hide it if you want it not to display and have the default set to the players home city or guild)
Essentially you could use an already in game mechanic to achieve tabard management.

EDIT: in reference to the on use abilities, well that's something I just read. I'm not sure how that could be incorporated. Perhaps an emote like /tabardspecial like the one used to trigger mount emotes.
What tabards have an "on use" function?
The tabard from the shadowmourne chest and from the argent tourney to name two
Why can't we just get a new tab on the Character or Spellbook? The same way you took mounts/companions and removed the storage issue with them.
Given that I currently house 28 tabards in my bank and 2 on my person I've come to care about tabard storage quite a lot with this new expansion.

Thus far, the most logical solutions seem to have been a drop down menu from the tabard slot on the character sheet, similar to how titles work. I believe the only problem here is the usage of an "on use" tabard. I'm not entirely certain about the coding limitations but it would seem logical that the drop down to select the tabard shouldn't be terribly difficult (see titles). The "on use" effect should be usable by opening the character sheet and physically right clicking the tabard itself. This feels, at least in my mind, like a fairly elegant solution.

The second option that seemed functional but slightly less elegant was the tabard-ring. Just like a keyring, it would be a special slot for storing one specific type of item. Admittedly, this doesn't feel quite as nice when I think about it. It would however be fully functional.

Unless there's a limitation I'm not seeing in designing the first option, why hasn't blizzard moved forward with this? This is an issue I've heard discussed since level 70, expounded upon at 80, and now has become a serious issue for collectors (such as myself) and achievement point nerds (such as myself) who want to be able to keep record of the tabards they already have counting towards the "Collect x tabards" achievements. Personally, I could trash all my tabards right now if I knew there was no chance of that achievement ever having another level added, but we all know I can have no such certainty (see Insane title history).
01/25/2011 1:03 PMPosted by Athria
For my part, I vote for a tabard equivalent of the Keyring. Basically another (unlimited-size) container that can only store tabards.

They aren't unlimited in size though..

I want cosmetic tab for appearance looks!
Why cant you just make a special tabard 'bag' the way you made the keyring 'bag'. It allows you to store as many tabards as you want and you can still use 'on use' abilities from the tabards inside the way you can click on use keys (like skeleton keys to open locked containers). That is a pretty elegant solution to me.
01/28/2011 3:42 PMPosted by Joroin
For my part, I vote for a tabard equivalent of the Keyring. Basically another (unlimited-size) container that can only store tabards.

They aren't unlimited in size though..

I want cosmetic tab for appearance looks!

Actually the keyring (as far as I can tell) is unlimited. The more keys I accumulate the bigger it gets. I havent run out of space in my keyring yet.

And you would be able to swap out any tabard you have on for whatever appearance you want so Im not sure what your arguement about a costmetic tab is.
01/28/2011 3:51 PMPosted by Duckofdeath
Actually the keyring (as far as I can tell) is unlimited. The more keys I accumulate the bigger it gets. I havent run out of space in my keyring yet.

It's got a max size of 32. Which is hard to hit, especially since they removed so many keys with the shatterfication.
01/25/2011 1:06 PMPosted by Opheron
Best way would be similar to a pet/mount inventory. The only difference is you'd be setting a selection, not summoning. There would be a tabard worn currently: status and a default item 'none'(the infamous blank guild tabard). Maybe a text pane that describes the faction/tabard for lore reference.

You would select it on that screen and it'd appear on your character screen's tabard slot (clickable and drag-able,for action bar, - if applicable)

i agree with you, this would be an elegant solution and the lore discription idea sounds great
Should the interface be available anywhere(like the keyring), or should it only be available while at a bank or other special NPC in major cities?

Personally I'd like it anywhere, although I can understand going with the latter to make what tabard(s) you take with you something people think about.

Should you be able to store any tabard in the extra storage? Or only a subset, and if so based on what?

I could see making the rep tabards only storable once you're exalted with the faction, sort of an extra reward for representing the faction. I'd want to store tabards that were a reward from an achievement though, and those that aren't associated with a reputation. Of course it would be easier to implement(ie. less development time required) if all tabards were automatically storable.

What should the interface look like, how should it operate?

  • Obviously you could implement just another bag, and attach it to the bank, or make a fly out for the keyring & tabard bags. So that's one idea.

  • It could be added to the spellbook like mounts/pets are.

  • When you right click on a reputation add an option for "Wear tabard", should work similar to show as experience bar in that only 1 can be checked(code reuse ftw)

Well that's the best I can come up with for things to think about, and suggestions. Wish you guys luck in figuring out how you want it to work/look, and hope to see something soon(tm).
Why not have an "expandable" tabard bag similar to the key ring? I think that would be the best solution to this.

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