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01/25/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Snoreye
great idea i'm up to 24 tabards. another good idea a 50 slot toy box either made by engineers or sold at the toy store in dalaran. i collect novelty items and between that and those tabards bank space is running low

This actually isn't a bad idea. Some of us have played WoW for years & have unique items/tabards that will never be ingame again. Ones like the tabard for the Olympics, we don't want to get rid of those because you can't get them anymore (for cases like that I don't call it cyber hording) it's called enjoyment of collecting. After all you don't tell the player who got the mount from the opening of the dark portal...meh just toss it because it's obsolete & is taking up space.
Any updates on what we might be seeing? If anything? apparently this is a hot issue.
Toss the ones that you can get again at the tabard vendor.

I would also like to note that Firefox seems to think tabard is spelled wrong.
Some blue feedback on what you think of our ideas would be nice, It seems the running suggestions are:

[Spell book] tab (like pets, & mounts)
One universal tabard that switches out like titles

IMO wardrobe solves 2 issues, white clothes from holidays, outfits, and tabards. Seems the best solution to me. Although the Universal tabard=title swap I'm betting will be the choice you'll pick. Its sad, it would be nice if the RP community could get some love for once. Other than from the addon community. Would it be too difficult to add a wardrobe? Really?
I dont see the problem. You can do mini-pets and then make hotkeys to bring them up without spellbook same as mounts. Do this with tabards. That way when you hit the hotkey linked to the tabard it would activate the ability if it was equipped. If it wasn't equipped clicking would equip it. The Argent tournament tabards works much in this way. I keep it in my bag and then click my hotkey equipping it. If I click again it works its ability porting me to the tournament grounds.
im looking at where to start the quests to get the illdian tabard in shadowmoon valley but i have no clue where to go can someone possibly help me thanks in advanced
05/23/2011 12:59 PMPosted by Lilsaph
im looking at where to start the quests to get the illdian tabard in shadowmoon valley but i have no clue where to go can someone possibly help me thanks in advanced

This is the wrong thread to post this in. It would be better to make a new thread than to necro one that does not have anything to do with your question.

Eh, I'll answer it anyway tho. Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari, questline stars with:

Check for further information, dearie. It is all right there. :)

OP: "Blizzard, I am a 'hoarder', please support my addiction."

OP: "Blizzard, I am a 'hoarder', please support my addiction."

With all the tabards, and items and stuff, who isn't these days? I am for one always deleting stuff I no longer need, but stuff you can no longer get is still in my bank, and I won't get rid of them, mainly because you can no longer get said item.

So I agree, I want a tabard tab, or a chest to put old unused stuff in.
I have a tabard tab.

Her name is Garyl.
Don't be too quick to jump on a place-holder solution. You might end up the way of Druid Tavel-Form :P
So instead of giving us a tabard closet, they're taking away the keyring. Sheer genius! Solving problems that don't exist, and ignoring ones that do! Hoo-ray!
01/25/2011 10:17 AMPosted by Illissanna
Couldn't they do with Tabards what they did with keys?

... Could this be the reason why they're getting rid of the keyring?!
01/26/2011 07:22 PMPosted by Zimms
You have a tabard tab. You just have to purchase another bank slot. In fact, you can have whatever kind of tab you want! A t-shirt tab, trinket tab, fortune card tab. You name it!

I have every bank slot that I can purchase with large bags in each slot and large bags in my inventory.

My bank has very little free space in it.
There is a tabard vendor that allows you to delete many tabards you currently have. Just look it up on WoWhead of other sources, there are many you can get rid of but still get later.

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