Blizzard and Communication (RE:2200 Weapons)

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01/25/2011 12:52 PMPosted by Peckelz

I fail to see how more participation in PvP would be a bad thing.

Yeah this was the point of my first post and I agree but I don't think Blizz does. Everything about PvP is inaccessible, probably by design. He says something about diluting the competition, but seeing as MMR works the way it does, it wouldn't dilute the competition at all. So the 1500s will be easier? I'm sure the gladiators could care less. I could care less. More people playing the game is better, the same percentage of players are going to get their titles anyway.
01/25/2011 12:51 PMPosted by Repulsion

I don't agree with his post but in the first couple seasons of BC the raid landscape was much more similar to today's than it was to Wrath's. Not everyone was in a raiding guild. Lots of guilds were just casual and did heroics and maybe karazhan at most. Lots of people were in scrubby blues and greens. Arena weapons did not require rating, they did not even require you to win a single arena game to get points to buy them, so lots of PVE-ers trying to gear up to get in to a raiding guild were playing arena just to get the purple weapons/gear and filling the forums with their tears. I wore almost full pvp gear the first time I stepped into Karazhan.

if you'll refer to his post, he said "geared raiders" and his claim implies that at one point PVP weapons were sought after exclusively for use in higher end raiding, which is clearly not the case. i cannot think of a single point in the history of arenas where raiders clamored to arenas to boost their DPS.

yes, i understand that in BC s1-3 pvp was today's equivalent of badge gear. it was easy to get, and everyone went for them starting out. there were horribly geared (or very unlucky) people who couldn't keep up with the current PVE tiers (whether their stuff won't drop or they just can't down anything), but note that this is because they're just behind. it isn't as if the PVP weapons themselves are inherently better than the current available PVE tier (again, this is what he is implying).
01/25/2011 12:39 PMPosted by Kamazon
Don't tell us 'oh we told you guys as soon as possible', even if it was 5:59pm and your PvE dev head came in and yelled 'WAIT! WE CAN'T RELASE THEM!' then a notification should have been sent out at 6pm. Putting out the notification until after every asks 'what the hell?' is asenine.

I understand why Blizzard is doing what they're doing, but I just wanted to say this is a great point.

The notification was handled horrible and something should have been said a week or two ago at the latest.

You will get a negative reaction with your decision to delay 2200 arena weapons.
You will get a negative overreaction with your decision not to communicate with us about it.
But then again, you probably already knew that.

Sometimes, you have to make an unpopular decision, and you take a lot of heat for it. I understand that you guys aren't happy, and I'm sorry about that.

With regard to the weapon delay, as with any change which affects your gameplay, we always prefer to provide advance notice whenever possible, but in some situations it isn't an option. Unfortunately, this was one of those cases.

Some of you may recall that there were times in the past when it was common for the Arenas to be flooded by geared raiders actively engaging in arena matches exclusively to acquire weapons for the sake of defeating PvE content. That's not the intended design for arena rewards (that they be part of PvE progression), and that was a situation that we were hoping to avoid now. Raid content is very challenging currently, and as a direct result, there are fewer top tier weapons floating around. What we didn't want was a 'gold rush' on arenas, which would diffuse the competitive space there as well as give PvE focused players an undue advantage for raid content.

Ultimately, what we really want is parity in the availability of top end PvP and PvE weaponry. We want to see top end PvP and PvE items filtering into the player community at roughly the same time. This delay is an effort to achieve that aforementioned parity in this case.

What I don't understand, Daxx, is that originally the 2200 weapons were available on day one of Season 9. They were taken out when MMR was being exploited, that was the only reason. Now it's been over a month since that happened and you've decided to take another month to implement them again.

If they were fine to have in place on day 1, why aren't they fine to have now?

At the VERY least, disable 372 in Arena. PvErs shouldn't have an advantage in our venue if we can't in theirs.
We have to realize that this guy is just the messenger of these news, so attacking him isn't going to help. We aren't Spartans, can't just kick the messenger into the pit!

But I agree with almost everyone on this subject, I don't see how this will help anything at all, and it's just upsetting more people than anything else.

It was needed to delay weapons for a while because of an MMR bug, but to delay them again, and not tell anyone until they day they were supposed to be re-released for some utterly terrible reason was a bad move.

I suggest you let the higher ups know that this was a bad move, every ounce of it.
01/25/2011 1:02 PMPosted by Kardonn
If they were fine to have in place on day 1, why aren't they fine to have now?

Because they were too scared to admit it back then. Because PvPers wouldn't buy an Expansion at all.

Don't forget - it's all about money.
If you want to stop PvE players from getting PvP weapons in PvE then please have a Agility Gun available in current raiding content. Because, as it stands now, the PvP hunter Gun is BiS for dwarf hunters. It is even better than the Heroic bows and crossbows available in current raiding content because of the 1% crit chance that we would not get if we used a bow or a crossbow. i would like to see a blue post on this as you consistently shaft dwarf hunters while giving trolls/worgen all the bows/crossbows they want.
01/25/2011 1:03 PMPosted by Thunderherd
I do feel sorry for Daxxarri though, I'm sure he didn't have the final say on this. And yet he's taking the brunt of the heat while the person that made the decision sits on his..........well you get the idea.

Yes I don't think his post makes any sense but it wasn't his decision. I hate when people get specific about Blizzard employees.

Also, Displaced I see your point now. I think Daxxarri meant something more along the lines of what I wrote out rather than what he actually said. Communication, communication.
Shouldn't you encourage PvE raiders to do Arena?

More participation is great for everyone.

This change is absolutely mind blowing.
Just look at what you are saying!! Do you really think PVE guys can achieve 2200??? You either dont play this game at all or you only PVE and have no idea what PVP is like
I think someone from AJ - the guy who just got out of the sauna and started smashing things into his wall - is actually contemplating murder right now. Lol

This change is enraging people LOL
I think the problem isn't about 2200 from arena... it's the fact that these 10 man raid guilds can jump into Rated Bg's and grind 2200 without fear of losing rating. Just to get weps. It was probably a very retarded idea to allow 2200 from rbgs... a system where it only takes time.

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