Blizzard and Communication (RE:2200 Weapons)

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PVE can be BiS for PVP every season
PVP can be BiS for PVE never (and not really BiS)

This is dumb
So what happens is if 2 weeks after the patch Blizzard still isn't satisfied with PvE progression. Are you just going to keep delaying weapons this entire season until your happy with where the PvE crowd is at.
Why can there not be equal opportunity for all of us who play this game? The PvErs have the opportunity to not suck and beat heroic bosses where their loot awaits them. The PvPers have the opportunity to not suck and get 2200, where our loot is put on hold until the PvErs get on our level??? Where is the equality there Blizzard? I guess this is all under the assumption that Blizzard regards PvP and PvE equally. You say you want to let players play how ever they want to as long as it doesn't interfere with other players enjoyment (ie. code of conduct), yet those of us who want to PvP must now PvE in order to stay competitive... it's not like those PvErs who have their weapons aren't allowed to use them in the arena. It really feels like those of us who PvP need a digital age Martin Luther King to stand up for our rights because as I have seen we are all quite sick of being treated as second class citizens.
worst excuses by blizz
01/25/2011 4:04 PMPosted by Mudmonster
So what happens is if 2 weeks after the patch Blizzard still isn't satisfied with PvE progression. Are you just going to keep delaying weapons this entire season until your happy with where the PvE crowd is at.
Would love to know why Shadowmourne was usable in arena, and not one blue post said anything negative about it. Nor anything bout KT weapons, nor Ulduar legendary mace. Even though those WITH said weapons were easily able to overpower those without said weapons, so long as those without the weapons were on or near the same skill level.

Admit it, you don't give a rat's ass about PvP equality to PvE. If you did, there'd be legendary PvP weapons, there would be far more hotfixes/balances/etc based on pvp issues, and the list goes on and on.
All wasting your time. PVE is number one priorty in the game. Always was, always will be. PVP was added to keep the ADHD kids paying thier monthly subscriptions. That's all. It's not meant to be an "equal" means to gear up. In this regards, blizz has been a huge success with its business/retention tactics.

Aye. I'm not saying that I agree with Blizzard, but...this game was never about pvp to begin with. PVP was thrown in as an after thought hence the no BG's, arena's, PvP titles, upon release and several months afterward. Hell, you didn't even get anything for killing someone of the opposite faction in the beginning besides patting yourself on the back.

I think the reviews on pvp in this game was something along the lines of: If you want to PvE with some PvP thrown in, then WoW was the game for you. If you want to do some serious PvP with some Pve thrown in then you might want to try GuildWars.

I guess the point im trying to make is, this really shouldn't come as that big of a suprise. /Shrug

You will get a negative reaction with your decision to delay 2200 arena weapons.
You will get a negative overreaction with your decision not to communicate with us about it.
But then again, you probably already knew that.

Sometimes, you have to make an unpopular decision, and you take a lot of heat for it. I understand that you guys aren't happy, and I'm sorry about that.

With regard to the weapon delay, as with any change which affects your gameplay, we always prefer to provide advance notice whenever possible, but in some situations it isn't an option. Unfortunately, this was one of those cases.

Some of you may recall that there were times in the past when it was common for the Arenas to be flooded by geared raiders actively engaging in arena matches exclusively to acquire weapons for the sake of defeating PvE content. That's not the intended design for arena rewards (that they be part of PvE progression), and that was a situation that we were hoping to avoid now. Raid content is very challenging currently, and as a direct result, there are fewer top tier weapons floating around. What we didn't want was a 'gold rush' on arenas, which would diffuse the competitive space there as well as give PvE focused players an undue advantage for raid content.

Ultimately, what we really want is parity in the availability of top end PvP and PvE weaponry. We want to see top end PvP and PvE items filtering into the player community at roughly the same time. This delay is an effort to achieve that aforementioned parity in this case.

This is a double standard and you know it.

S8 healing trinkets? S5-8 weapons (Betrayer and Shadowmourne come readily to mind)? PVE Relics? PVP resil being inferior to offensive stats?

You're nerfing our set bonuses in the new patch as well. Essentially, you want us to PVE to PVP (and not the other way around). Good to know.
Save me Blizz I'm getting cleaved by melee in Heroic weapons atm. Halp Halp!
not sure if this has been mentioned...but if blizzard wants to keep the % of players with PVE weaps and PVP weaps about the same they would implement some absurd rating (maybe 2800 to start) then slowly move that rating up as players burn through pve

at the moment pve weaps undoubtedly outnumber the number of pvp weaps...

why the double standard? we can pve for pvp but shouldnt pvp for pve?
We should get some qt 2300 tabards while we wait. Def would be something new to that t2 vendor...

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