hello blues, us ret's


The Blues can only do so much and unfortunately its not possible to make everyone happy all the time. Coming to the defense of some hardly deserving troll is not going to help your poor broken ret spec in the least.

You might have a valid point IF there were any Blue posts other than the welcoming one at the beginning of forum!!! Unfortunately there isn't so you don't! Blues haven't done jack since cata and as far as the upcoming patch, it won't do anything to help the ret dps! I'd be surprised if it isn't a dps loss! I defy you to find one, JUST ONE, other blue post in this form! Until you can (and you won't), get off your high horse!

Blizzard frowns upon people bringing up the blues. So i doubt mentioning them will bring them out. They'll post when they want to just like us.
01/25/2011 3:45 PMPosted by Propulsion
bad rets are waiting for an official blizzard-designed helmet that plays their spec for them when they wear it by simulating a facerolling movement while still hitting the correct keys.

I'm an engineer, I'm make one for the OP. 40K G ok?


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