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I'm trying to get a Judgement macro together for healing that would let me cast at the target of my current (friendly) target, and then go right back to my buddy.

So far, my macros will do the first part, but they won't do the second part, which is infuriating.

Does anyone else have a macro for this? I can't find anything for one anywhere, and it *seems* like it should be all over any basic "Holy Paladin Advice" thread, since just tapping your key for the macro is worlds easier than taking focus away from healing for a second and fumbling with changing targets.
if you want to use a focus to do it its pretty easy.
I use these.

/cast beacon of light


/assist focus
/cast judgement
/target focus

Also....these forums are a HORRIBLE place to ask for macros, always try the UI/Addons/Macros forum first. People tend to think they know a lot more about macros than they actually do here.....

Yes and no. There are plenty of helpful, knowledgable people that will write up a macro by request on this forum. I'm one of them. This forum covers paladins, macros specifically written for paladins falls under it's category.
Sure there are plenty of people that don't know what they're doing or won't test a macro variation before suggesting it, but that's the forums for you ;)
I just came in to post the same thing. :< Meanie.
Mouseover is the way to go!
@hallmark the problem with that macro is that judgement starts the autoattack which automatically switches your target onto whatever you judged. Check out farranor's link for more info.
I have a similar set up for ret and I am not sure if it will help you at all. It kinda depends on who you are healing. I have two macros, one that targets what my focus is and one that targets the focus and casts word of glory. I then keep the tank in my focus so I am always targeting what they are and I can quickly throw a WG on them then go back to DPS

Here is a healing website that a friend gave me, it ended up not really helping me with Ret but I haven't looked it over for Holy yet.

You may want to consider something like healbot, which lets you heal party members by clicking their health bars, and leaving your target as the mob you want to judge / interrupt.
There IS stuff all over a lot of forums. I don't know if it's just paladins, of if it's everyone, but you can't use a macro that does /target, /cast, and /target in a row to work. You just can't. Whether there is a bug preventing just paladins from doing it, or Blizz wants you to play the game instead of the macros playing it for you, you just can't.

You can, however set focus on your tank, and:

Judgment Macro
#showtooltip Judgement
/cast Judgement

Tank specific Healing Macro:
#showtooltip Holy Light
/cast Holy Light

I had even created some macros to make targeting the group easier, but once I learned to use my keyboard correctly, they were no longer necessary.

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