Where to farm liferoot/kingsblood/wild steel?

I'm trying to level inscription and I need to mill these herbs to get Burnt Pigment but I can't really find a good spot to farm them.

Any suggestions?
as Rarios stated STV is heavy in all 3 of these herbs
Feralas is good for Kingsblood (and other herbs around that level) and Grave Moss also creates Burnt Pigment which can be found around graveyards in Duskwood and in Scarlet Monastery.
Wetlands has TONS of Liferoot and Kingsblood. I can collect stacks of them in 10 minutes just by riding around on my horse (alt). You should also be able to find a good amount of Wild Steelbloom here, especially in the northern 1/3 of the zone.
All along the big lake in Western Plaguelands is full of liferoot. You could probably do a round and come back to where you started and have node respawns. Along the farms you can find kingsblood too.
In my opinion there is no better place to farm kingsblood than western plaguelands. You start at menders stead and work your way around the entire map in a circular pattern and you'll hardly ever have a moment when there isn't any herbs on your mini map. I'm currently making over 3k a week spending less than an hour each night making a few trips around the zone. Note: You will also get khadgar's whisker and fadeleaf not sure if you'll need them for the pigment you are after.
I would like to see some kind of update on this information as of 2013. I cant find liferoot anywhere i used to be able to farm it and i need it to level alchemy. Ill continue looking online for current locations... but i am pretty disappointed at how much they have messed up things in wow.
Liferoot is available along the rivers edges in Northern Stranglethorn Vale. It's fairly abundant in that area. There might be others but I just leveled a paladin through that area and went from 108 to 225+ Herbalism in one leveling session (where I leveled out of the area and into Dustwallow Marsh).
I circled the lake in western Plaguelands and got 4 stacks of Liferoot from 2 passes around the lake. 1 solid sweep of Northern Stranglethorn and I got 3 stacks of Kingsblood, 1 stack of Wild Steelbloom, and 1/2 a stack of Liferoot. It's would appear as though it doesn't matter much where you farm Wild Steelbloom, Arathi Highlands, Northern Stranglethorn, Ashenvale, or Desolace it's about the same rate of farming. If I had to pick one I would say N.Stranglethorn, because you can get lots of Kingsblood, and Bruiseweed at the same time.

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