Issues with aggro

Hi everyone, since last week i'm having some issues holding aggro. I mean, i can hold it, but i have to work a lot harder in order to do that. I notice this this week. With the same gear and the same rotations and everything, the only thing that i change was my waist (before i have this one

Im doing also a great dps tho, so i dont realy understand why this is happening.

Anyone have a clue of why this can be happening? i'm a bit confused really

Thanks everyone
I think you have Righteous Fury off sometimes!
I have the RF on allways, is the first thing that i turn on.

Ill check that web, thanks!
There's always a chance that you are getting non-retarded dps now who know how to play... I know when I tank for guildies I have to actually work as opposed to the joke it is to hold agro from your average pug dps.
<3 your movies
01/26/2011 4:52 PMPosted by Beilinson
i'm having some issues holding aggro. I mean, i can hold it, but i have to work a lot harder

So... Should the game play itself?
01/26/2011 5:41 PMPosted by Maskingtape
i'm having some issues holding aggro. I mean, i can hold it, but i have to work a lot harder

So... Should the game play itself?

There is allways someone like you . . .

I love the challenge of a good fight and have to work hard to beat it.

Im worried because with the same gear, and the same rot, and the same dps's (firend of mine) i see that this week they took my aggro way easily than the last week.

Im not complainting that i have to work harder . . .
ur gear should be good enough to hold aggro, but if ur talking abt initial aggro then a quick tip is to macro ur wings + divine plea together so u get 3 holy power at the start for a Sotr

so start up threat is judge ( pray for a proc:P)> wings+divine plea > shield > Sotr

then u do ur standard rotation and u should be fine, veng will take care of ur threat afterwards
01/26/2011 6:17 PMPosted by Nevvalight
Ya as long as your using HotR enough (spamming it actually), Holy Wrath, and SotR you should be fine. A typical rotation for me for packs of trash: Judgement > Captain America Shield Toss> Hammer of the Righteous > Holy Wrath > Cons (if i have a big group i'm pulling for threat purposes), Shield of the Righteous> Then just spam HotR, use CAST whenever grand crusader procs and holy wrath.

And this parts for Towelliee i see you using Crusader strike a lot in your videos is there any particular reason? I just use HotR and it seems fine. Im not questioning your choice of spells, just merely curious should i be using Crusader Strike more? And why?

CS hits MUCH harder then HotR does on a single target. You REALLY need to pick up Wrath of the Lightbringer. It is our BEST threat talent. And drop the Exo glyph for ShoR.
01/26/2011 6:35 PMPosted by Nevvalight
Hey Xayton how goes it?
Question about how you speced why didnt you pick up hallowed ground? Or Seals of the Pure wouldn't the increase in DPS help you maintain aggro?
Towelliee can you tell me which one of your specs is for PvE I would like to use it.

/wave Good.

Hallowed Ground is (in most cases) a waste of a talent. The extra TPS is very fact it is our lowest TPS talent. Because of this the points can be spent better. Reckoning and Rule of Law come to mind. The same logic applies to Seals of the Pure. The TPS increase is somewhat low. With threat being a non issue (for the most part) you are better off picking up a little bit more utility (Eternal Glory).

Towelliee's PRIMARY spec is his PvE one and his SECONDARY is his PvP one. Personally I disagree with his choice of 2/3 Rule of Law and lack of Glyph Word of Glory...but that is just me.
01/26/2011 7:13 PMPosted by Nevvalight
i appreciate you taking the time to reply i am however slightly confused with the Cata talents
Is pursuit of justice a talent worth grabbing? I can see the possible uses and it seems good. Also what about reckoning? How does an extra swing help me?
Also whats with Eye for an Eye? I have it currently on my spec and all the pretty numbers from the casters getting harmed by their own spells makes me not only laugh but helps kill things faster in a dungeon and raids. It seems like a worthwhile spell. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give

PoJ is one of those talents that doesn't sound great till you actually have it. Run speed is one of those things that is ALWAYS nice and once you have it you never go back.
Reckoning is our third best threat talent, therefore it out threats your other options (Hallowed Ground and Seals of the Pure). Eye for an Eye has its ups and downs. Some extra damage and threat is nice but I rather have the little bit of utility found in Imp Judge.
01/26/2011 7:29 PMPosted by Nevvalight
ok so i think ive found a middle ground. If theres anything which i can improve let me know. Including glyphs and whatnot

I PERSONALLY prefer 3/3 RoL and 1/2 PoJ, That is just me.
Replace your Glyph HotR with Glyph ShoR.
Replace Glyph Dazing Shield with Glyph Ascetic Crusader.
Replace Glyph Kings with Glyph SoT. Seal twisting FTW.
01/26/2011 7:51 PMPosted by Nevvalight
Why ascetic crusader? It reduces mana costs for a spell i rarely even use. And mana has never been an issue for me as a tank. It is when i go heals and start holy shocking gnomes heads off.

On any single target you should be using CS. Also I hate when AS dazes targets. It's really annoying.

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