Issues with aggro

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01/26/2011 8:11 PMPosted by Nevvalight
I must sound like a total newb right now. Tell ya the truth i didn't have cata for like a long
time till the night b4 CHRISTmas eve. So i play for the rest of my break now im back at college and haven't had the opportunity to test out or gear up as much as i would prefer

Something you should never, ever feel bad about is asking questions and learning. It's the guy that does things wrong and doesn't ask questions that has problems...

A couple quick things though -

1. Get a Meta gem as soon as you can.

2. Even though Mastery is amazing for us, your trinkets are not great choices. For a tank, they're essentially "half trinkets" and even if they had lower ilevels, trinkets with two tank stats (or even a tank stat and a DPS stat) would be preferred.
Is it by any chance frost DKs and fire mages who steal your aggro? Because those bastards sure do that while being AFK even...

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