[H] Blue Label 12/14 HM LFM DPS

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Holy pally ilvl362 ? Fully exp on bwd and bot and I've done some fireland boss's on ptr
bump 3/7 firelands
Looking for awesome DK or Feral tank!!!
Mavzor is cute. Also ganking Hanul while he is trying to zone in :>

Bunch of cutie's
Haha the last thing mav is, is cute =p

Looking for that special bear/dk tank!!!
So mean zomg...set us back 30 secs with that!

Also bump 6/7...RAG SOON TO COME1
Bear tanks!

Stop hibernating and apply!
Bear tanks!

Stop hibernating and apply!

But it's winter! :(
Too cold for tanking, even in the Firelands!
Still looking for a sexy feral tank!
Bump for almost last horde 25man raiding guild!
Definition of tarsh? Pro
Definition of tarsh? Derp

bump for blood guard title

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