Dear Blizzard, Paladin CC Love please?

Dear Blizzard,
I have been thinking alot lately and as far as the dungeon finder goes and a variety of other things, heroics require alot of cc and you don't always receive it when you choose to random. As a tank I see things get very hairy and put alot of stress on the healer as well as the group managing situations with little to no CC. Our retribution tree however has a CC called Repentance that works on most every mob and is a pretty good candidate for being made a full paladin ability instead of just ret. Given the nature of cataclysm and the crazy amounts of CC needed, wouldn't this be a versatile and good problem solving method?

Thank you for your time Blizzard.
It appears that Blizzard is against tanks providing a long term/consistent CC. None of the other tanks (Warriors, Druids, and Death Knights) have a CC. While I am all in favor of buffs to the class I enjoy playing; I find it difficult to support tanks CC'ing.

If Blizzard decides to give all tanks a CC, at some point, then I'm positive your recommendation will be implemented (or some variation). This just doesn't follow the "bring the person, not the class" mentality that they have been using for the past 2 expansions.

I could see Protection being given a gap closer (something to get to the mob quickly). Warriors and Druids have charge/intercept. Death Knights have death grip (which is kind of the opposite of a closer, but it still gets the mob to you). Pally's have... well pulling mechanics, line of sight, and then placement but nothing that is a gap closer similar to the other tanks.

Just my opinions on the matter.
yes but as it stands paladins already get this CC through the ret tree, all I am saying is given the nature of cataclysm's insane cc requirement, all pally specs should get it not just tanks... ret, prot and holy. All druid specs get sleep dragonkin and beast.
I actually just got the Turn Evil glyph to have this as a possible quasi-CC while tanking. Of course, being a fear, it has to be used carefully, but it could work.

It would be great to have a minor glyph that causes turn evil to change from fear-run to fear-quiver-in-place.
Well, if they gave every tanking spec and every healing spec a hard crowd-control, they could at least guarantee the presence of TWO CCers in every 5-man.

Dunno what a restro/blood/fury/fury/fury group is supposed to accomplish.
Such a group uses Roots (if you mean druid, replace with Hex and Chain for a shaman), and chains the warrior fear and stuns. It's not ideal, but in most instances it's doable.
I wouldn't say cataclysm has insane cc requirements, I never bother to cc and never wipe either just aoe things down and it's easy enough.

Reason we don't have this though is pvp imagine a holy pally throwing down an extra cc.

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