If you think Ret needs a Snare/Slow for PvP

You're not unique, but that is not an opinion I hold myself, nor some other MS Rets it seems. There is a rather robust, currently up to 74 pages now thread on mmo-champion, discussion about 4.0.3 Ret, which does address this aspect of the spec at times. The title of the thread is "Retribution Paladins 4.0.3" if you'd like to search it. (I'm intentionally refraining from posting links).

The good part starts on page 72 where they are for the most part agreeing that Ret does not in fact need a snare, or slow. Instead, the conversation has turned to something else after a post by user Talen, who suggested:

Mark of Justice: Apply a Mark to a hostile target. The target will take X Holy damage every second for 3 seconds. The effect will be refreshed and the damage increased by Y% for every yard moved.

He suggested this in an attempt to deal with the kiting/mobility issue faced by Ret, readily handled by slows on other melee PvP specs. The conversation has since turned in support of it with suggestions on ways to make it work and not be unbalancing. Well actually now it looks like they are simply discussing how Blizz will never notice the thread since it hasn't been mentioned in the official forums. (Woops).

On a side note: I have not participated in the referenced thread. I simply find the conversation interesting. Thought I'd share to those who find the subject interesting as well.
Suggestions like this have been made, whether it would work or not is unknown, it would be something neat to have, but since other classes have so many tools, why not give us something like this as well as other tools like a snare, or a longer cooldown instant gap closer of sorts. Lots of things that could be done, or give us back our stun removal.

I won't hop over there and post, but this same thing has been mentioned, but I hadn't heard that It would refresh on the target, I think that is a good idea which would make them want to hold still for a second to remove it, but hard to see it working as most likely 3 seconds on a target would be a lot more damage than that thing could do, but i could see it being very situational and how it might help you catch a target, although I think a snare would be superior at getting the job done.
Yeah, there were abilities like this in another game I played (frickin Witch Elves...) and they were waaaay better than snares. And by that I mean, skill mattered. You could weigh the costs of standing still and dropping the mega-dot, or running for it and trying to soak the damage but kite the DPSer.

Come to think of it, during Cata's early documentation, they were giving warriors this. Not sure why they changed their minds.

Anyway, I would of course love it, but I dunno how balanced it'd be.
All amazing ideas, none of which will ever been implemented because developers, for the most part, will never see eye to eye with the creativity and knowledge that the physical gaming community has. We know these are great ideas and should at least be put into some test whether it be the PTR or something else, but it never will happen. If there was ever a conference held with the developers that work on Paladins (or any class..) and 10 players who have mastered their toon to it's fullest ability and can further provide insight on changes that should possibly be made, the developers would be overwhelmed.

As much as we want to perfect this game more and more, it doesn't matter. The game will continue to grow and change as the developers see fit. The only real changes will happen if something truly seems out of balance, part of which the "snare/mark" idea isn't something they are taking seriously.

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