How should I gem/reforge to improve my tank?

Hello, I'm stuck at a rockwall on how to reforge and gem my tank to get the best out of him. I have a rotation down, I just want to make my tank better because I feel that I'm leaving something on the table or something left out that I could do to improve my tank. Please feel free to comment. I'm open to suggestions and guidance on what to do. I've read so many guides that I'm totally cofused.
In looking at your gear, I noticed alot of threat gems (hit / expertise). Are you having threat issues? If not, regem those for avoidance (dodge / parry + stam). Also, in your spec you may want to drop Hallowed Ground for 1 point in Guarded by the Light and finish Rule of Law. Just my $0.02.

Also, Xayton's guide in these forums is a good resource as well as the forums on Maintankadin. ( )
This is a copy+paste from my answer in 2 other threads:

Be sure to check out Xayton's sticky at the top of the page or Maintankadin.

Now as for what to reforge you need to first ask yourself do i need threat or survival. Generally since a dead tank creates no threat survival is more important.


For survival your ULTIMATE goal is to reach the Block cap (this does not mean its a requirement). This is the point where every single hit by a boss is dodged, parried, missed or blocked. Since all attacks that land on you are blocked its like a permanent 40% Damage reduction against all physical damage.

To reach this goal you need to have the sum of your dodge/parry/miss (constant 5%)/ and block to add upto 102.4%. This can only be done in BiS gear but the closer you come to achieving this point the easier you are to heal and less damage you take.

The best way to reach this stat is thru mastery (block). Parry and dodge both have diminishing returns meaning that you get less % dodge/parry per rating you have. If you get 10% dodge for the first 1k dodge rating you might only get 6% for the next 1 rating.

Mastery does not have diminishing returns. 1k mastery will give you the same amount of block no matter how much mastery you have. This is why you want to reforge for mastery where-ever possible. All stats are viable for reforging to mastery. Go hog wild.

Now what do you do if your gear already has mastery on it? Well this is where dodge and parry come in. You will reforge all non-mastery into dodge and parry. Dodge and parry have the same DR (diminishing returns) so they depreciate in value at the same rate. This means you want to keep them as even as possible....BUT DO NOT RELY ON THEIR PERCENTAGES!!!

Parry and dodge both have base percentages that are not counted toward diminishing returns. Parry is 5% while dodge is 3.325% or something like that. This skews the percentages. What you want to do is mouseover your dodge and parry and see what how much RATING you have of the two and make the RATINGS as even as possible. This will provide you with maximum avoidance and get you closer to being block capped.

Crit and haste should be the first things you reforge followed by hit beyond 8%. If you are not having threat issues you then want to reforge expertise past 26, then hit below 8%, and then expertise below 26. If you are having threat issues (or already reforged all your threat stats) reforge parry and dodge.


At the block cap mastery becomes worthless FOR THIS TIER. In future tiers bosses increase in expertise and it will take more and more dodge/parry/miss/block to block cap. But for now mastery is worthless.

Reforge all your mastery into dodge/parry (keep the ratings equal) without falling below the block cap (102.4%). This will reduce your damage intake and make you easier to heal.


Okay you may not be quite block capped yet but you are no longer getting turned into jelly. In fact you are pretty much unkillable, but you cant hold threat to save your life. Now what do you reforge?

Reforge for threat now. Generally we increase our threat by increasing our dps. So what is the best way to increase your dps as a prot pally?

The best stats to increase our dps/threat are as follows in ascending order with best threat stats at the top:
1. Expertise to 26
2. Hit to 8%
3. Stacking stamina for more vengeance
4. Stacking strength for more damage
5. Expertise to 55
6. Crit

Now we cant reforge for 3 and 4. So base on this reforge for expertise first. Expertise is better than hit because where hit only affects misses, expertise affects dodges AND parries. At 26 expertise (soft expertise cap) you will never be dodged and at 55 (expertise hard cap-OVER KILL) expertise you will never be parried. So aim to hit 26 expertise first. After that try and get your hit to 8% then reforge for more expertise.

Reforge excess/unneeded survival stats to these threat stats. If you are block capped (you more than likely wont get there for a long time) then get rid of mastery otherwise just dodge/parry or excess hit (all hit beyond 8% is wasted) into expertise till 26, then to hit till 8% then back to expertise till 55. As always Crit and haste reforged into good stats.

If you have 55expertise and 8%hit and still having threat issues crit would be next but this is highly unlikely. More likely than not you now have more threat than you know what to do with so go back to reforging for survival stats for the next tier.

Once again your ultimate goals: Block cap/soft expertise cap/hit cap

Reforge survival till you feel like you arent getting gibbed then work on threat then work on more survival.

Hope this helped.

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