HoJ crit =)

Do you guys remember when ret paladins were able to stun their enemies and get a guaranteed crit off? I think blizzard should put that back in the game. Mages have pretty much the same ability because icelance + frozen= double damage. Double damage icelance + crit+ eqauls wtfspamfordinner. What do you guys think about this?

Hammer of Justice - stuns the target for 6 seconds, your next Templars verdict has a guaranteed critical strike chance.

I think thats fair. My op mage like ability would be this.

Hammer of justice - your next three attacks within six seconds are garunteed critical strikes.

tell me what you guys think!!!
1 attack sure, 3s a little much. if it were 3 100% crits it would have to be from a talent, and on the downside theyd make the sametalent increase the HOJ CD to like 3mins like recklessness for warrs.

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