Unheeded Warning 4.0.6 & Feral Kitty

I have been looking and looking for substantial values as to whether or not the newly buffed Unheeded Warning will be any good. They are changing the proc to add 680 Weapon Damage (Presuming this equates to +680 Weapon DPS?) instead of +25% Auto Attack Damage.

If the +680 Weapon Damage does actually equate to what is referred to as the Weapon DPS stat then UHW should be absolutely amazing for Ferals, if it equates to Low/Top End Weapon Damage I am unsure how it would react.

I am currently using Tia's Grace and Fluid Death. According to Mew and a few layouts of Feral Trinkets and their values for my gear level, Tia's Grace is better than every other 359 currently on Live. If Unheeded Warning's buff is what I think it is, it should be the top BiS trinket, pre-Heroic Raids (i.e. 372 Trinkets)

These numbers were logged from the PTR with the Buffed version of UHW by Leafkiller in this link: http://elitistjerks.com/f73/t110352-feral_cat_cataclysm_release/p6/#post1848569

Fluid Death + Tia's Grace: 20,828
Tia's Grace + Unheeded Warning: 20,853
Fluid Death + Unheeded Warning: 21,070

Does anyone else have any other substantial numbers to bring to the table to take a look on this trinket's future in Kitty Gear??

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Here's a link from the FluidDruid blog (link: http://fluiddruid.net/2011/01/unheeded-warning-rough-numbers-maloriak/):

I found that Simulationcraft had been (mostly) updated for Cataclysm now, so I used it to test the new version of Unheeded Warning. Actually modeling it for real would take some code, but for a quick estimate, I simply ran the sim, then manually edited the profile’s weapon DPS to what it would be during the proc, and ran the sim again. Divide the DPS increase by 5 (to account for 20% uptime) and you get the value of the proc. I tested for two profiles: My own (mostly blues/PvP gear, with a few epic pieces), and the program’s built-in ilvl 372 BiS. (Make sure you select PTR in the options if you’re playing along at home.)

* Alarron(350ish): DPS went from 17894 to 18652, divided by 5 gives 151 DPS for the proc value.

* BiS(372): DPS went from 22333 to 23650, divided by 5 gives 263 DPS for the proc value.

Summary: Still meh for ferals. My previous napkin math for the old version estimated the proc’s value at 200 DPS, so this isn’t going to wildly change anything. Most of the trinket’s value came from the static +321 agility anyway.
I read that post, and it doesn't have other information as far as what are the trinkets its replacing ect.
Because the stats aren't changing enough to make it skyrocket in value. Tia's and Fluid Death are still your best choices.
Thanks Doom for the numbers.
Uptime for Unheeded Warning (and pretty much any trinket with a proc effect and an ICD) is maximum 16.67%
You realize you have a tanking meta in your helm right? Just want to make sure you accounted for that when running Mew.
01/28/2011 11:18 PMPosted by Tangedyn
Uptime for Unheeded Warning (and pretty much any trinket with a proc effect and an ICD) is maximum 16.67%

Wrong. In Cata Blizz normalized trinkets into 3 Categories:

    Proc w/ 100% uptime of 20% of a Stat Value.
    Proc w/ 20% uptime of 100% of a Stat Value.
    On Use w/ 16.67% uptime of 80-85% of a Stat Value.

Blizz also normalized gear, so showing you examples of this will be quite simple:

Tia's Grace = 340 Agility for 100% Uptime While On Target,
Throngus's Finger = 1710 Dodge for 20% Uptime (12 Sec Duration / 60 Sec ICD) {20% of 1710 = 342}
Mark of Khardros = 1425 Mastery for 16.67 Uptime When Used on CD (20 Sec Duration / 120 Sec CD) {1425 is ~83.5% of the 1710 Value}

Since UHW is staying as Type B in this scenario and Blizz continues their chosen direction of gear equalization, we can conclude that UHW will have a 20% Max uptime.

This article is by Alaron, the same Feral Blogger that Hamaal linked to me as an intial reply. Late in the article it is quoted as:

"The trinket Unheeded Warning has had its proc changed significantly. I'm still deciding its' exact worth, but I believe it may end up as near-BiS (despite my initial feelings to the contrary). If you don't mind the risk, I'd try to buy/get it now, while the value is low."

And the actual link to the Fluid Druid post where he posts some of his revised thoughts on the trinket, even proposing that it will be 2nd Pre-372 BiS, behind Fluid Death.

Just got this and Tsanga's Helm last night (yay for awesome trash drop luck) and was wondering what the final verdict was on this. From what I'm reading it is pretty close to BiS pre 372 and even with it.
I thought it was BiS, even ahead of 372 trinkets.
The most I've seen out of UHW was 19.7% uptime twice since the patch. I've seen as low as 13.6% uptime, and average of 15-16%.
Cool yea my feral buddy just told me it is BiS along with H Essence of the Cylcone. Thank you!
I don't have extensive math for you...but in mostly 359 cat gear (with some tank reforging mixed in since its my "alt" spec) my white crits hit for 22-2400 usually. With UHW procced it was closer to 3300 on average.

Similarly, my shreds were hitting for roughly 5k more during the proc. As far as I can tell it had no effect on my Rip ticks...whether they were applied before or during the UWH proc. The same would appear to be true for rake.
You must not do any arena's with that helm and unheeded cause the person who wrote above that they just got the helm and the trinket has no resil and in areana would get killed.

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