Engineering 1-525 rough cost?

I've been thinking about levelign engineering for the goggles since there pro. Any ideas on the rough cost from 1-525, i have enough gold probably.
A *lot*, and possibly gold alone won't be enough. The problem you may encounter is a shortage of mats - people just aren't mining much Fel Iron these days, among other things.
15k easy
We have a TON of Fel Iron on our server that people put up on Neutral AH. So that might not be a problem.
We have no mithril sadly
on a good day, its about 4k to 350 then the push to cap is a good 11k, if not more.
Took me about 35k total to get to 525 granted I'm on a low pop server and the allys outnumber horde 2 to 1 so low level mats are few and far between
Depends on the server mostly, and it can vary wildly from one to another. However, above posters are correct in that you can expect to pay at least 15k. Luckily, if youre willing to put some time into it, shaving several thousand gold off that price wouldnt be too hard.
I'm around 500 right now.. Been doing it every xpac... Must be around 30k now.
But if you do it today, it'll cost around 15-20k.
Cost me about 4k, but I mined my own mats. I only bought what I was too lazy to go farm... mostly low level mats.
It was 5k from 450 to 525, and I'm an alchemist, so I stocked up on transmuted Air from life at a fourth of the cost.

I think it was 1k and 5 hours of ore farming back in BC when I went 1-375.

And there's nothing engineering can do to make that money back.
It cost me around $6k or so, although making the helm was another $1k or so on top of that.

Keep in mind that the materials cost will vary wildly depending on your server. Also, the various Engineering leveling guides out there aren't necessarily very accurate. For example, on my server Volatile Air is worth about 5 times what other Volatiles are worth (and are enormously harder to farm). So minimizing the use of Volatile Air will save you substantial gold.
these estimates are way off, at least for my server. I PL'd my engineering from 1 - 525 in about 3 hours. I pre purchased ALL the mats from the list of materials I would need to level and in the end, I spend just shy of 9k gold. My advice, if a particular mat on the AH is way overpriced, just wait a day or two and it will always be replaced with one that is reasonable. I only started leveling once I had all my mat's ready to go.
1-325 cost me 1k gold.

I'll probably need another 8-9k gold for 525 right?
Eh, I dont think I spent more than 4k (not even sure if it was that much) buying mats to power lvl my engineering from 1-525 a few weeks ago. Your servers economic power house will be a factor in how much you spend. I was surprised at how much it didnt cost me.
to be honest...the fel iron bar was the problem. This part where everything needed fel iron bar grabbed all my money
i did it in 2days 1-525 cost about 12-15k but i also am 525 jc so that helped and was 525 mining till i switched to eng and had alot of leftover ores but i use this free guide site for all my prof lvling no adds no signups .
We have a TON of Fel Iron on our server that people put up on Neutral AH. So that might not be a problem.
We have no mithril sadly

Mithril is stupid easy to get now. It's all over the place in EPL.

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