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do people who say there aren't that many group quest really believe that people only quest in groups when the quest tells em to ?

phasing is whatever till it mess's with your mining/herb, cant help a friend getting ganked or your friend cant help you.....but on the upside you can quest in a scripted line yay!
Can something be done about the phased ore/herbs please?

Such a tease, Blizzard.

It is an issue we're aware of and having been looking into. We've applied a number of hotfixes to phased gathering nodes since the release of Cataclysm, but this one is still there and is certainly a bugger.

This is not a problem that is unique to phasing. And I don't mean just in game. This is a common occurrence in design of data. Most of the time it starts out with everyone thinking that all data can be arranged in some sort of hierarchy (a tree) only to find out later that some tree nodes need to be shared between different branches of the tree.

I am sure you've treated the data from different phases as branches of the data for the zone. But a gathering node has to be present or absent in all phases so as node in the data tree it needs to be present/absent in multiple branches.

Other example of such a problem occurring in computer science would be a billing system which neatly arranges all bills by organization/branch/person. This may seem like a neat brake-down except eventually the billing solution will come across a roaming person who needs to be billed to multiple branches. And he can't be treated as different persons (duplication solution) because of (for example) tax purposes.

There really is only 2 solutions here. Either handle it with something akin to symlinks in Unix or by abstracting away each copy of the node into some sort of meta-data (rather than data) and having each actual node be of the "type" described by that meta-data. This might be a post for developer forums. If you feel like it, pass it along. Or don't. Just a suggestion.

Herbing in twilight highlands is still a pain in the butt.Why do I have to make a alt just to gather bc i was punished by doing the quests in a zone? Blizzard is aware of the problem,they know that you lose 40 percent of the jasmine nodes in T.H. bc of post quest phasing.They cant seem to give any sort of acceptable answer on why this hasnt been fixed.......they fixed it in deepholm they can fix it in TH.So get to it guys..FIX IT
01/31/2011 5:10 PMPosted by Anord
The Phasing used in Icecrown and transfered to the new Cataclysm zones is a terrible idea . Once through the quests in an area a player is no longer able to aid guild members who haven't done those quests yet. This forces members to look outside the guild for help and is another negative impact on guilds. I for one find it very frustrating as a guild leader not to be able to come to the aid of our members. I don't know what the reasoning is behind this system but I certainly would appreciate Blizzard's removing phasing from these zones.

Maybe you need less helpless guildmates, or stop being so codependent.

I soloed practically everything in Cata zones no problem. It isn't rocket science.
This is all well and good, however I think many people don't play this game to just solo their way through content. I enjoy running around with guildies, helping them do quests I've already done - even if they don't need the help, we all want the interaction. Not to mention how difficult it is to protect guildies from persistent PvP attacks when they're in a phased zone. I understand why phasing was implemented for quests and I agree it makes for a very immersive questing experience. I disagree that it should preclude being able to play with and assist one's friends.

Allow party/raid members to share a super-phase and the problem would be solved completely.

we all want the interaction.

No, "WE" don't. I love phasing, and the resulting storytelling. WTB more.
There aren't very many quests that you have to have somebody else with you to complete anymore.

I enjoy phasing, It makes me feel like what I do has a real effect in Azeroth. I feel more intertwined with the story.

it's not about the difficulty of the quest for me,it's about having fun playing a game with my my wife or friends by my side which really goes to help making the grind feel a little more fun than just grinding quest by myself.this game is really boring solo.

if i wanted to hear a good story i'd join the boyscouts or go to the library and read a book.phasing has takien alot of sociability out of the game with this yet they say they wanted to make a more sociable game.i dn't understand that thought.

as far as "changing the world"goes i don't think it does a good enough the end of the day i'm still saying "i wish my friends were with me".

imo it's the worst thing blizz has implemented.i don't think it would be such a big deal if there were only certain aeras of each zone or just one area zoned like they did with icecrown which i've been skipping over with my lower toons due to it's phasing.

quit the game over it? probly not.add it to the large list of other issues going on with cata and i can say honestly i've started taking a look at other mmo's that are out.

if you watch the 20 year anniversary one of the designers say it best when he says there's nothing more gratifying then doing it with your bud...well blizz you have taken my bud away from me.
01/31/2011 5:12 PMPosted by Rommel
There aren't very many quests that you have to have somebody else with you to complete anymore.

This is a flaw with the new quests. There is no elite quests and it's impossible to go to higher level zones.

We need to be able to get quests in higher level zones and we need to be able to do those quests with friends.

The curent design is verry restrictive because it encourages only solo play and even alone it's hard to find a challenging quest.
I soloed practically everything in Cata zones no problem. It isn't rocket science.

I've completed, on all 10 of my level 85 toons, almost every quest in Cata. The exceptions are the CoC quests, and that one Myzerian quest in Uldum. And Skullcrusher on this one toon because it was bugged all to hell when I tried it. But I have Skullcrusher on every single other toon.

No help is necessary for the vast majority of the quests.
<--- hate the phasing.

there are lots of quests my daughter did that i wanted to accompany her on, not because she needed help, but just because it looked like fun. it is ridiculous how many times she and i would be riding through a zone side by side only for her to vanish off the screen leaving a tiny dot on my minimap. how annoying.

A flaming skull has personality?
Dude. It's a flaming skull. Does this have to be asked? o.o
Of course because keeping players in different "phases" at any time in the game's progress is exactly what an MMO should be striving for?

Face it, you guys messed up and you aren't big enough to just come out and say it. So repeat after me...

"We are sorry... we messed up."

Yeah, no...I really don't think they feel like it was a mistake...if they did, why would they have made more phasing quests in Cataclysm after a "mistake" experimenting with phasing in WOTLK? Saying that they continued to phase in Cataclysm in order to cover up their "mistake" seems over the top.

I don't think Blizzard does everything right, (I think they do quite a few things wrong, actually) and I don't think they're in denial. I truly feel like they're pretty damn good at their jobs. It can be a little exhausting to see post after post after post in the forums about how Blizzard is evil and angry and doesn't care at all about us. I hope you're 15, just honestly, because at 15 those kinds of "the whole world is against me" opinions are expected and normal.

If you look at this forum, it appears that the majority of people actually like phasing. There are several complaints here and there, but seems okay to me. I like that WoW can tell more of the lore through phasing now, and I like how the world changes. Makes it interesting :)

Edit: Zarhym addressed the concern, discussed it in a professional manner, and then threw in some humor. I think a lot of companies could take a queue from his cs, which (usually ;D) provides answers but with a personality so I know I'm not talking to a robot. Also, Blizzard will make mistakes. They are human. But get off your high horse because I guarantee you've made mistakes at your job, too.
While we're on this topic, I want to point you all to a recent blog on our front page about Cataclysm quest mechanics. Our quest design team is actively following the comments for feedback about quest design, phasing included. Feel free to let us know your ideas for ways we can improve the questing and storytelling experience without impeding on your gameplay. Or just let us know what works for you and what doesn't. ;)

<a href=""></a>

Gee, isn't that the sort of thing that would go great in a Suggestion Forum?
03/11/2011 5:17 PMPosted by Dracona
Well, been reading through this and thought I'd add my two cents. I do like the phasing, but I do agree it would be nice if there was a way to be in phase with "lower phased" people in the group from time to time. I know people have stated that there are no group quests in phased areas, but there are difficult quests where it would be nice to be able to help out guild members. I had this problem just a few days ago with one of my guild members, and she had trouble with the mechanics of one quest. It was rescuing the bear cubs in Mt Hyjal. She wasn't sure what exactly to do, and if I could have shown her where to target it would have been a bit easier. As a Guild master, I like to be able to show and help out my fellow guildies, but can't with the phasing in some areas.

I think that if you completed a Zone you should be able to see any phase in that zone to assist people who are stuck on something!
To the OP, I've done all the quests in all the zones in Cata, but the only ones that weren't solo-able were the Crucible quests. You actually don't need group help for the regular quests.
03/12/2011 6:50 AMPosted by Kyeoda
Phasing has made the storytelling experience so much better-- the story feels real, the quests have consequences, it feels like an actual immersive role-playing experience.

That's only as long as you are playing alone. The instant you start to play with other people phasing completely ruins the immersion.

Personally I feel like phasing and the linear questing style only improve the story a little while breaking major, more important parts of the game. They both give very little benefit and they both have huge drawbacks.
I have mixed feelings about phasing. I'll say no more than that.
I couldn't agree more. Blizzard is out of control with this phasing crap and it's ruining the game. It's really bad in Warlords of Draenor. What the heck are these amateurs thinking?! Please bring back the A-Team to work on World of Warcraft... please! I really miss being able to explore the open world and find all sorts of quest-givers and being able to choose what quests I wanted to do. Now, it's like riding a railroad track and I hate it.

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