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03/11/2011 2:49 PMPosted by Zarhym
Right on. Respond to legitimate customer concerns with jokes. Guess what, nothing is funny coming from you people anymore.

I'll be sure to check my personality at the door when discussing a game? Stop trolling. There's an email address for leaving feedback regarding Blizzard interaction on, and management of, the forums:

But i can't email brownies. ;(
01/31/2011 5:17 PMPosted by Alscest
Phasing is good story-wise and and for immersion IMO, but maybe they should add an option to synch with the phase a party member is on if that party member is on an earlier phase of an area. After you disband you return to your later phase.

A thought along this line occurred to me the other day; if you're in a party you could select which party member's "phasing state" you wanted to be in. It may be required (for technical/implementation reasons) that this option be set only when all party members are in a non-phased subzone; that is, in areas that are not subject to phasing. Would not want to have the phasing option set and then find yourself underground or falling due to terrain level changes and such.

01/31/2011 5:12 PMPosted by Rommel
There aren't very many quests that you have to have somebody else with you to complete anymore.

True, almost all the quests in the game, esp. those in the new/refactored zones, can be easily soloed. The issue at hand, at least for me, is more of a social one. I personally find it more fun to quest and level up with friends (or even friendly strangers).

Have you considered calming down and being a little less defensive? Obviously some people are upset... spewing your rage at them isn't going to fix your game or fix them being upset.

But name calling because you're upset is less than cool -- they weren't trolling, you just got your feelings hurt.

Have you considered a lobotamy?

None of the quests that involve phasing have group quests involved.

Hell, the only group quest in the Cataclysm zones is the one for the Crucible of Carnage (if you don't count the dragon in Uldum, but he's there if you've done the quest chain that spawns him). And even then, the CoC isn't in a phased part of the Twilight Highlands.

Also, Phasing is the best thing since sliced bread. I like the feeling that my actions actually have some impact on the game world, instead of that army of naga I fought off still being there when I return a week later.

PS: Please phase the orcs out of Maestra's Post, it's the only part of the Night Elven story in Ashenvale that isn't phased to reflect your actions in the area. :D

If they're running together, they'll already be in the same phase together, as they will be together every step of the way.

I'm going to guess you don't really run with friends much. That would explain why you wouldn't understand. You see, and I'll explain it, some people like to be "just a few steps ahead" and they'll help you catch up with them. This is, apparently, no longer encouraged -- as per Zarhym's posts -- due to phasing. Now you're forced to either wait or not longer run with your friends in tandem. (edit: grammar fail.. I ate the fail sauce... but you get my point, hopefully)

Not everyone over 18 in a family actually works and is out of the house. Not everyone will quest at the same rate. But couples do enjoying coming back and running with their SO.

When you find someone who wants to hang with you and just hang out -- you'll understand. Until then, I suppose, you won't. :(

Was that last part really necessary?
03/11/2011 3:01 PMPosted by Naunet
This is the sort of philosophy we're going for with phasing, as we do feel it's an important tool for storytelling.

This is all well and good, however I think many people don't play this game to just solo their way through content. I enjoy running around with guildies, helping them do quests I've already done - even if they don't need the help, we all want the interaction. Not to mention how difficult it is to protect guildies from persistent PvP attacks when they're in a phased zone. I understand why phasing was implemented for quests and I agree it makes for a very immersive questing experience. I disagree that it should preclude being able to play with and assist one's friends.

Allow party/raid members to share a super-phase and the problem would be solved completely.
JUSTICE LEAGUE ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xd yeah I hate how stupid phasing is for hyjal especially.. so many of my friends get ganked on our realm(85% realm pop horde) and it seems... My toon is the only one who didnt complete the quest line on an 85 toon lol... and While it is fun to go back to hyjal and curbstomp people.... It would be nice if they could defend their own toons sometimes lol.(but they cant because of phasing..)

had one friend who got on his hunter, sent his pet in to attack,let it beat on the noob for a while, then took a few steps too far foward and BOOM phased and the griefer escaped (grief in that he was camping the wolf/ogre area for around an hour)
Can something be done about the phased ore/herbs please?

Such a tease, Blizzard.

It is an issue we're aware of and having been looking into. We've applied a number of hotfixes to phased gathering nodes since the release of Cataclysm, but this one is still there and is certainly a bugger.

I am pleased to hear that the problem has been acknowledged and that it is being worked on. There have been quite a few posts (complaints) on this subject in the Professions forum and this is the first acknowlegement from a "blue" that it's a known issue, that it is being worked on, and is (presumably) not "working as intended". Thank you.
I've honestly never tried so I don't know, but wasn't there supposed to be an option for players further on a phased chain to "drop down" to another party member's phase? I don't keep a litany of Blue Post Hate so I don't know if it was actually due to be implemented or just idle musing. Or if I'm making it all up.

I personally like phasing. It really is a necessary tool for MMO storytelling. Plus I find it makes for a more peaceful leveling experience for alts or those late to the game. They can go through the quests without a bunch of 85s blasting through the area for gathering nodes, dailies, etc. The only real problem I've seen with it (in my opinion on what a "problem" is) has been instances of "pocket phasing," or where there's a bunch of little phased pockets all over a zone rather than in one or two big clumps. It makes the transitions a little jarring and causes issues with gathering nodes. It's also weird to see how phasing doesn't affect draw distance, only your character's position >.<

Also keep in mind that not all phasing isolates you from other players. Many of the phasing changes that just move NPCs around a quest hub don't do this, for example. At least I don't think they do.
I think phsaing is great, although, seeing that i solo almost exclusivly and dont mine or collect herbs so i guess im not affected by teh downsides of not being able to group easily or to be able to collect ore/herbs that phase out. but even with that in mind, i think phasing is awesome.
Right on. Respond to legitimate customer concerns with jokes. Guess what, nothing is funny coming from you people anymore.

I'll be sure to check my personality at the door when discussing a game? Stop trolling. There's an email address for leaving feedback regarding Blizzard interaction on, and management of, the forums:

i love you zar

moar funnies please
Man, some of you guys are a bit rude to the devs, don't you think?

I am far from a WoW fanboy. I believe that Blizzard has made a ton of mistakes with this game from the very beginning because, quite frankly, it's impossible to make a game like this without making mistakes. Hell, I make 20 mistakes each day just trying to raise my 3 and 5 year olds. And when I do, I just try to learn from them and make things better. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to design this type of game and keep as many people happy as possible.

I found these responses from Zarhym very informative. I personally hate phasing because my entire family plays WoW. My wife and I started have played MMOs together since we started EQ together back in 1999. We have played these games long enough now that at least one of our old long-term guildies from EQ is now an NPC in Zul'Drak (although Blizz forgot to make her a Dark Elf). My five year old has leveled up a pally from 1-85 on a pvp server and a few other characters from 70 to 85. And my three year old is leveling up a character and learning to mouse turn now. My little brother just started playing WoW this week for a graduate school class. Yeah, he gets a master's, in part, for playing WoW and being in a guild with his class. I'm still trying to figure out why my law school classes and PhD coursework did not include a WoW class (although I do have a friend who went to Yale law, and they did have a class on MMO economies).

The problem for phasing for us is that we like to use the auto-follow feature. And if we aren't on characters with our rockets, then it's extremely difficult to do so with phasing. But anyone who doesn't know that Blizz reduced phasing in Cata just hasn't paid attention. It was much, much more difficult to AF in Icecrown because of all the phasing. It was also more difficult, of course, to get help with group quests. But it is much easier to AF in Twilight Highlands. It's also easier to help people with quests. I think that Blizzard did a pretty good job in this expansion in using phasing for the immersion factor, but not going overboard. Yeah, the node thing is annoying and auto-follow still fails sometimes, but it's really not that big of deal now.

Blizz can definitely make improvements to the phasing system, but the devs are obviously trying to do so. People just really need to chill if this game is stressing them out so much.

03/11/2011 3:06 PMPosted by Fuglydude
The whole laggy issue with Twilight Highlands is a perfect example of why phasing is a bad idea. I am sure everyone has experienced it at some point. Gathering professions is another good example of phasing as a bad thing. Grim Batol Digsite is another one.

Yep, to all three points.

I usually experience the lag issue when I'm fishing in TH. And by 'lag' I mean a 10+ second apparent suspension of activity from server-side (my character can still move, but NPCs/mobs do not, aside from client-side animations). Seems to happen once every 15 minutes or so. No big deal when all that happens is that I miss a fishing catch, but still something that should be looked into.

Edit: I should note that while I agree (or have experienced) the issues in the quoted post above, I don't think that phasing is a "bad idea", I just think that it's implementation in WoW needs to have the kinks worked out and some accomodation made for "sharing" phasing state with members in a party.
The only real problem I've run into with phasing, was this one greifer who (I believe intentionally) never completed a certain quest chain in Mount Hyjal and thus was not phased. He repeatedly ganked a guildy and camped him for nearly an hour... I offered to help, but as I had completed the quest chain, I was unable to even see the ganker.
Are there any plans to let people go back to previous phases and so on? (I think this was mentioned at Blizzcon 2009) not sure, can't remember well.

I'm fine with the way phasing works, in fact I love it! makes the questing more involved and exciting, I don't see why this is a "Huge mistake" really.
Don't play on one myself, but it seems like this could be pretty bad on PVP realms. If the only people in your phase are those 4 guys from the other faction who like slaughtering you repeatedly and none of your guildmates, friends, or even same-faction strangers can help you out, you're pretty much done leveling until they decide they've had enough "fun" with you.

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