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However, many people are really nervous of one person in a group having the ability to uninvite people without limit. I personally am not, since I was usually the one leading a group and I would only uninvite if someone was being a jerk, after several warnings. New players get to stay, and I do not play favorites with gear rolls. I found this to be true of any other group I was in that I was not leading when we put together our own groups, since the threat of Blacklisting bad leaders was very real. I can see why people are really nervous about it though since it would be cross server and especially at the beginning a lot of people will continue to behave the way they have been; atrociously.

This is where the idea of rating the leader comes in. You only get to rate positively; an "I liked being in a group with this person leading" button, don't even have a ratings scale, you either liked them or you didn't; in the situation you just gave the people in your group would not be able to do anything except not rate you. (If you were not the leader of the group they wouldn't even have the option to rate you positively since it would be leader rating only.) The problem with this comes new players; new players will have a lower rating or a non existent one, and will have a hard time getting the chance to even prove themselves. A potential fix would to put a 3 month "This person is new" icon in place of their ratings while the ratings get built up. The problem with this is players waiting a while before leading anything, players that don't lead groups for a long time and then later decide they would like to, players that re-activate their accounts after a hiatus. Though these people again could have an icon "recently re-activated" to give them a chance to build a rating.

Other options; if the ratings are done divided over time this has potential problems if you start grouping with the same people over and over again if you only get to rate one person once. If you get to rate multiple times, then guilds could rate their players up highly even if they are not good leaders.

So yes, many potential problems with a rating system, but if it is the only way for Blizzard to give us back the ability to create our own groups without a lot of fear from the community then I think it is a necessary evil. After a while things would settle down, people would have made friends with people online at the same time as them, and would have found a group of people to run with each day; a new untested leader no longer becomes an issue.

May I ask how long you have been playing? Just so I can get an idea of which features and group types you have experienced in your time here.

The game currently doesn't allow cross server friends or invites, but it does allow cross server ignores, so the technology is very very close. It wouldn't be too hard to change the coding to allow this.

Players are the problem, so players are the solution. :) We just need the tools to be enabled to do the right thing.

Let's be friends!

I agree completely. A couple of months ago I suggested (to mostly deaf ears) that there should be an ability to check players as "preferred" during random dungeons, so in case you both queue together, the chances of getting a group with them are increases. I also believe that a cross server friends list (without REAL ID thank you) adds one important aspect that's missing out of LFD

; Accountability.

It's far too easy for someone to troll the system without having to worry about getting a bad reputation. So the tank is stacked in pvp gear, what does he care? Maybe he needs a drop off the first boss and wants the healer to carry him. Maybe the DPS are all in pvp gear.. so what? They think they can hide behind fireball spam.

I am sorry that your suggestion previously fell on deaf ears, a lot of people in these forums seem to either think that everything is fine and all suggestions should be ignored, or only care about their post, and their immediate problems; "Fix DPS Queue times. Thank You." Sadly this is a real post and I don't believe they were trolling.

Yes, asking people to give out their email address just to find people they like talking to online is a bit much.

I think that being able to put together your own groups again will go a long way towards holding people accountable. Why would I choose to group with someone who was a jerk when I can choose to wait 2 more minutes and find someone nice?
I whole heartedly agree with this thread and wish to subscribe to it's new's letter!
I'd like it if there was cross-server prioritizing based on a cross-server friends list(or for that matter even cross-server tells would be a huge step forward). Make it so you can friends list people from other servers, or ignore them. People on your ignore list won't be put in a group with you in the future. People on your friends list will be prioritized for group slots with you if they're in the queue with you.

This will discourage people being *@%@ish because the more they act that way in groups the more people will blacklist them and the worse their queue times will get. Likewise if dps are intelligent and paying attention then tanks and healers will friend list them and they will find their queue times get SHORTER.

I'm glad you agree! But we don't have a newsletter just yet. :)
Stop posting a link to this garbage in other posts.

Thank you for your opinion, though I doubt it is well informed since you show no evidence of actually having read any of my posts.

However, I do not believe Blizzard has anything against posting a link to this in other threads when it is relevant and appropriate. In fact, I am pretty sure that they encourage people who have the same opinions to group together and have a good discussion.
02/11/2011 12:29 PMPosted by Grimms
Stop posting a link to this garbage in other posts.

You should leave.

I like the idea of getting positive/negative "rep" (or whatever you want to call it) based on your performance.

Do you mean a ratings system, or being able to friend/like and ignore people cross server and being prioritized being grouped with them?

Do you mean a ratings system, or being able to friend/like and ignore people cross server and being prioritized being grouped with them?

Both, but especially the former.

I would only like being able to friend people cross server if I could specifically group with them for dungeons.

My problem with a ratings system is as explained on the front page;

If the option to either downrate, or rate on a scale is given, people will give low ratings for bad reasons. If the only option given is for positive ratings, the players that suffer are the new players, as they are now grouped with the bad/lazy players who don't want to help them get any better.

Bodini gives a good example on the third page as to how/why this can and will happen, but I will give my own here too;

Today I queue up for a random LK dungeon. (Later I finally hit 80. Yay, no more wrath content!) The queue pops and it is Utgarde Pinnacle. We get in, and we have a pally healer, me as warrior tank, dps are shaman mage and priest. The first pull I drop a little low for comfort, but figure it's just the healer waking up. The dps do ok, the shaman and priest are not targeting what I am but again, first pull, I tend to let it slide especially since they weren't doing enough to pull aggro off me.

Second pull, shaman pulls off me, none of them wait enough time for me to position properly and get aggro, this is in the corridor with pats, so of course we manage to pull a pat and a second group, and wipe. I ask the dps to please target what I am, and to watch their aggro, asking to make sure that they know how. The shaman at this point starts being a little uppity but some players do for a little while after you give them a suggestion so I continue on.

Of course, no one improves, the shaman starts getting abusive, increasingly so as the time goes on, and by the time we get to the boss decides he's going to pull it. Does so, I let him tank it, we wipe. I tell the rest of the group that I cannot function as a good tank with this shaman in the group, and try to kick him. My cooldown says 29mins. I ask the rest of the group to please see if they can kick him. Silence. I shortly get booted from the group.

In this case I know that I will get at least one negative review from the shaman, because I didn't give him what he wanted. I have no idea what review I might get from the mage or the priest since they were silent throughout. Since that seems to be their playstyle, I doubt I would get any feedback from them after the run had ended since I got none during it. The paladin I'm not sure could find the right buttons even if he wanted to give a review. So in the end, I would be left most likely with one negative review. Because a shaman decided to be an jerk. (I was polite and did my best throughout.)

How is this a good idea?
The option to form your own groups with other players you seek out yourself is already in the game.

Your failure to utilize the option and instead allow the LFD tool to form groups for you from any player from a pool of players who also choose to is not anyone's fault but your own.

I completely agree! This is why as soon as I hit 85 I will not be PuGing groups. If Blizzard wants to fix the queue times, they need to fix the community, not add some silly 15% buff. No incentive is worth the abuse I face in the RDF right now.

Quoted from the front page;

"Guilds and friends are a great resource to help put together a group, but this is usually not enough to put together a full group for new players, small guilds, low population servers, people that are online at weird times in the day, non max level characters and more."

That, and the advantages of the RDF such as porting directly to the instance and finding people out in the world not just in trade chat make the current way of doing it (through trade chat) very very limiting. Many great players I would love to group with have trade chat turned off because they do not want to listen to that nonsense.

I completely agree! This is why as soon as I hit 85 I will not be PuGing groups. If Blizzard wants to fix the queue times, they need to fix the community, not add some silly 15% buff. No incentive is worth the abuse I face in the RDF right now.

It's all about the players. I was one of those that thought the 15% buff would be a positive. Seems it has had the opposite effect. Players are playing worse, ignoring things like interrupts. Not bothering to cc anything and just let the healer carry them through. The level of gameplay has (in my runs the last few days) diminished considerably. Maybe they should remove the 15% player buff and instead give out a 15% player nerf.

Sadly, I think there aren't really any fixes to be had for the RDF other than Blizzard backing the cement truck up to the door and letting it pour.

Thank you for your honesty. I was one of the ones expecting the outcome you just described, but it still saddens me to be right. That is not something one wants to be right about. :( I saw it happen during wrath, and the player base has not changed much since then.

I would love it if we could just scrap the whole system, but I do not think Blizzard would be willing to especially since there are a lot of players that really want to keep using it despite the negative effects. I hope that Blizzard listens to this thread and that those of us who wish to never use it again do not have to in the near future.
yes it's a really good idea to allow a way to "friend" people on LFD. IMO people should be able to group with other, like-minded individuals.

Some kind of approval rating or individual rating system for pugs could also work. I guess implementation issues are all that's holding blizzard back since they have mentioned once that improvements to the LFD system are in the pipeline.

The nerfs to heroics have shaved off a good 10 minutes or so from dps queues so it has helped in 1 way for sure at least.

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