Alchemy good for Paladins?

Hey guys, This toon just hit 80 and he is a miner/herbalist. My main is a hunter with enchanting and skinning. Originally my plan was to farm mats with mining so my hunter can become an engineer, and keep the herbs to turn this paladin into an alchemist when he hits 85.

Now that I think about it though, I am not sure at all if Alchemy is going to even help me at 85 as a paladin. I would of course want to make money. But, I have leveled as prot and love tanking and would also like to heal alot too at 85 because I have never played a healer before and it seems like paladins are great at it.

The good thing about my current professions is I can go either way with what I want to do once I hit 85. Basically what I am asking is if Alchemy is useful for paladins or would I be better off learning jewelcrafting or something else?

Any help would be appreciated on what professions help pallies at max level
alchemy is useful for any class, enhanced effects from flasks, increased duration. good stam trinkets for ur prot set too when you're starting out tanking dungeons at 85.
The stat benefits from alchemy are in line with other profession bonuses. If you don't intend to use elixirs or flasks, you won't be seeing the bonuses from Mixology and should probably pick a more static profession bonus, like extra sockets, tinkers, etc.. The trinkets are nice, but they'll be outdated in one tier.

TLDR: Alchemy basically only gives the same bonuses as other profs IF you use flasks.
Since you're a miner/herb right now, this is what is available to you as far as Proff's go (at least, the ones that make sense conisdering your gathering proff's)

Alchemy will be mostly money-making, partly prof-bonuses. Prices on Truegold and Truegold Transmute c/d are insane right now. If you're looking for decent bonuses, Mixology is decent if you're into using Flasks and Elixirs all the time. Or you can also do Inscription for shoulder enchants that are better than the rep ones. Glyphs are also moneymakers, so that can provide you with a steady income as well.

On the flip side you can also grab the profs that go with mining: BS, Engineer, or JC. JC gets a max of 3 gems that are tons better than the available stuff (those gems will continue to be superior, even when they come out with new epic gems). BS gets 2 extra prismatic sockets, useful for stat stacking or activating meta's without sacrificing socket bonuses. Engineering gives tinkers which are very cool to use (one of those tinkers is actually getting a significant buff next patch). Not to mention you get to make things go 'boom'. I actually try to incorporate my High-Powered Bolt Gun into my rotation on boss fights, works pretty nice. XD

I'm also going to throw Enchanting into this, since it really doesn't go with any gathering Profession. With this one, you essentially get to enchant your rings, something not available to anyone else. You'll also make mad money with this profession, many enchants go for tons of gold and usually sell like hot cakes.

Those are my recommendations, so take it with a grain of salt, pick one, and have fun!
Thanks for the help guys, I have it narrowed down to getting alchemy and dropping mining or getting jewelcrafting and dropping herbalism. I have some decisions to make I guess, but to me it seems like jewelcrafting will help me in the long haul where alchemy will really only be successful if I do things now and make my transmutes and such now while they are in demand and my trinket won't be outdated.

Tough decision but thanks for narrowing it down for me guys, I have till 85 to make a decision :D
I'm going to be keeping alchemy for quite a while. I've always had enchanting as well, so this is probably my profession combo until I quit.

I like the 80 STR flask I keep at all times, that counts as a profession bonus, yes? My enchanting skill only gives me 80 STR, so I can't imagine I'm losing out on anything there really. And I think if you bounce elixirs prot probably gains more from alchemy because you can use a mastery elixir and considering how good that stat is for prot, may make it one of the best in a pure min/max situation.

And the endless mana potion is still kinda useful. It's 3k mana back (if you're using the alchemist stone) which will at least get you back up for one more ability until our mana return comes back. It's surely useful if you hit holy radiance/consecrate back to back and you're now oom without a recent judgement cast =P
Mastery Elixir + Prismatic Elixir + Mixology = nom...

Also don't forget:

Alchemy Trinket (321 int + x haste!!!! once 4.0.6 comes out) + Potion of Concentration gives you something like 33k mana...
if you don't want to use an expensive flask, there is an alch flask that gives 80 str that doesn't get consumed once you make it, the same bonus that other professions give you.

if you do drink an elixir or flask then you get double duration + a bonus to that potion (assuming you yourself can make that potion)

There is an amazing trinket too for tanks right now and good for all classes next patch.

Money from alch is decent. Making decent money from transmutes as well as the savings you get from the double flask duration. Less pots to use is less you need to buy or more you can sell.

i personally love alch

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